Psychological module in Army battle school

The Army battle school has included a psychological module to its basic training for the soldiers and officers who move to or return to Kashmir valley. The Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) designed the training that is mandatory for the selected soldiers. The soldiers posted on the LOC will undergo a 14-day programme and those going in the Hinterland will require a 28-day program. In this way, they will be able to prepare themselves for all happenings with increased cognitive memory.

The training will be given in the Corps Battle School (CBS) that comes under the XV Corps. It has the responsibility for all counter-insurgency operations and the counter-terrorism in the Hinterland and along the LOC.


IAF’s role in India-China conflict prevention and resolution

IAF has noticed a big change in its position from 1932 to now as the world’s fourth-largest air force when it has turned 89 on October 8. It is ready to face a two-front war with China and Pakistan. It has undergone a renewed acquisition process of offensive and defensive types of equipment. It has augmented the Su-30 MKI fleet, refused for the French Rafale fighter jets, and operationalised the LCA. Its aerial refuelling is also helping it immensely in the India-China stand-off. Some other platforms like advanced light helicopters, airborne warning and control systems, and attack drones strengthen IAF.



Naval Investiture Ceremony

On 14th October 2020, Naval Investiture Ceremony has been conducted at INS India, New Delhi. It was celebrated traditionally with the ceremonial parade. 8 medals including 1 Nao Sena Medal, 1 Yudhseva medal, and 6 VishishtSeva Medals were awarded. All covid-19 norms and protocols were followed.


Seoul seeking closer defence ties with India

When South Korea could be a part of an extended Quad, Seoul also aired the proposal for two plus two talks with India.

South Korea sought Indian support for its Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee candidature who has entered the last round of the selection process. To deepen defence and people to people Cooperation, Ranganathan and Choi also agreed.


The problem of China for Quad

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo expressed the need for protecting people and partners from the Chinese Communist Party in the meeting of Quad countries in Tokyo.

But except Japan, three countries did not reciprocate to the urge.

Japan’s dispute with China is over the Senkaku Islands, and Australia’s role of the external balancer is coming under strain due to growing Chinese assertiveness and national power, otherwise it has no direct territorial disputes. And the U.S. has a military conflict because China is trying to change the rules of the US-led post-war-led international order. India also has a military conflict.