By imposing sanctions on Turkey, US reiterates warning to India


In the Trump era amid the danger of being imposed with sanctions India has purchased the S400 Triumf anti-missile system, a Russian origin weapon. But India diplomatically averted the danger at that time. Now, a very similar situation is arising, at that time Iran was imposed with sanctions and currently Turkey is the fresh victim of the US.

According to Christopher Ford, the Assistant Secretary of International Security and Non Proliferation, the sanctions have been imposed under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

The officer reiterates that the other countries in the world should also stop buying Russian Equipment otherwise the CAATSA Section 231 Sanctions will be imposed.  In 2018, India has signed a deal of S400 Triumf worth $5.43 Bn. Russia will provide five regiments of the air defence system. The air defence system will be delivered to India within 18 to 19 months.

Not only this, Turkey has been stopped from getting F35 fighter aircraft. According to Mr. Ford, Turkey will not be able to get export licenses for weapons and receive loans from other companies. Along with this Turkey’s Military Procurement Agency, acronym as SSB and its four senior officials will face visa and financial restrictions.

During Donald Trump’s visit to India, India has concluded a $3.5billion deal with the USA that would include 24 Sikorsky MH-60R Romeo helicopters and 6 AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopters. An advanced defence pact Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) has also been signed by India with the USA which allows India to have access of satellite imagery and data for border security. Any kind of sanctions will definitely affect these deals.

Himgiri Launched two months before its scheduled timing


Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat was present at the launch event of INS Himgiri, a frigate developed by Garden Reach Builders and Engineers, on the banks of River Hooghly. Praising the manufacturer, the CDS expressed his satisfaction as the ship was launched 2 months ahead of its scheduled launch despite the adverse effects of the Corona Virus pandemic. He said, “The ship will provide major support to enhance the maritime operability of the Indian Navy”.

According to a Retired Naval officer the GRSE has given 105 warships to the Indian Navy to date. Until 2027, the number will be increased to 120.

The shipbuilding PSU has still comprised orders under two major projects as follows:

1)   Survey Vessels Large Ships

2)   ASW SWC Ships



Submarines or Aircraft Carrier, the CDS has his say


At the launch event of the frigate, INS Himgiri, the top brass of defence were present. Along with the Chief of Defence Staff, Eastern Naval Command Commander-in-Chief Vice Admiral AK Jain and Army Commander, Eastern Commander Lt Gen Anil Chouhan have attended the ceremony. Answering to the question of Navy requirement, the CDS said examination is still going on whether the Navy requires more submarines or aircraft carriers. Both submarines and aircraft carrier have their own roles to play. 

The General said we have many island territories that can be utilized to our advantage. These islands can be used as aircraft launch pads.

Aircraft Carriers are too huge, it requires massive man force to operate, huge maintenance cost, a fleet of aircraft and escorting ships. Instead of that, by using island territories we can serve our purpose of aircraft carriers to some extent, and the saved money can be utilized for indigenous development or leasing or buying submarines from other nations.