Possibility of Delay in Gaganyaan Mission

According to ISRO, there will be a delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic in India’s Human Spaceflight Mission Gaganyaan that was scheduled for August 2022. The date was fixed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate 75th independence Day in 2022 along with the succession of Gaganyaan mission.

India is taking the help of other nations like Russia to train its astronauts, France for Space Medical Area, and approaching NASA too.

India has signed 250 collaboration agreements with almost 59 nations. It has launched Polar Satellite Launch vehicle C-49 to fly it with RISAT-2BR2.


Third aircraft carrier for Indian Navy: Budgetary constraints vs necessity

The issue of a third aircraft carrier- the planned 65,000 tones INS Vishal to be brought for superior power projection capabilities of Indian Navy is hung on two situations.  The new chief of defence staff has raised India’s budgetary constraints, and the Vikrant is also coming up with escalating costs. And the third aircraft also will cost around $6-8 billion. Even IAF’s squadron strength has been down to 32; hence, General Rawat suggests to focus on smaller surface ships and submarines.

However, the third aircraft is more critical for India’s maritime strategy as China is becoming able to field a career task group in the Indian Ocean with its growing aircraft carrier developments.

Third carrier-based force structure will help the Indian Navy to operate two carrier task groups at all times.



The U.S. wishing to strengthen security ties with India and ignoring to deal with China

The U.S. wants to build security relationship with India and align with shared interests, values, security and geopolitical goals. It wants to empower India’s abilities and interests to defend democracy and sovereignty and make it advanced across the Indo-Pacific region. The partnership seeks the basis of like-minded countries for the expansion of the Quad. The close-collaboration is needed while China’s growing assertiveness.

The US referred to China as “the elephant in the room” considering its non-capabilities to face China.


Navy scraps tender for Rs 20,000 crore landing platform Docks over new requirements

There has been the withdrawal of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the project of the Navy’s new requirements of  Landing Platform Docks(LPDs). Indian Navy has also scrapped a tender of Rs. 20,000 crore to procure four Landing Platform Docks. The Indian Navy has started planning for the new bidding process for LPDs for land warfare, assets, and transport troops. As each ship was in the range of around 30,0000 and 40,0000 tones, ABG Shipyard was disqualified for its poor financial health.


Joint Anti-terrorist exercise by Army and Police

On 9th of October, Agnibaaz Division organised a joint exercise at Lullanagar Pune. The exercise aims at harmonising procedures for both army and police to activate Anti-terrorist Quick reaction teams.

Traffic control was carried out by Maharashtra traffic police and corps of military police army on the nearby roads. The equipment display was also held.