Tejas MK2 ready for the first flight in 2023

Aeronautical Development Establishment has confirmed the first flight of Tejas MK2 by early 2023 after the first roll out in June 2022. Tejas MK2 program will be built using the same components and technologies; hence, there will be no delay. Tejas MK2 will have all features for situational awareness, safety, accuracy, and control. It will share 80% of its major systems like Avionics and Radar with the navy’s TEDBF program also.


Testing of Nirbhay Cruise Missile with STFE Propulsion System

This month, the first development trial of the Nirbhay Cruise Missile will take place. It is fitted with a small turbofan engine propulsion system. DRDO is planning to validate the propulsion system to make full-scale production. On 12-14 October, DRDO scheduled to launch window test of the Nirbhay Cruise Missile.  STFE is of 110 kg, and it has been under 90 minutes operation at Max Power setting at Bangalore. It has already been tested at Leh at 15-degree celsius.

DRDO is also in the development process of Air-Launched LRLACM, which will be tested in 2023.


‘Gripen’ jets: Swedish firm seeking partners in India

Swedish company Saab is working on “Make in India” project by making fighter jets in India and transferring technology and setting up of local capability. It is making the fighter jet “Gripen” which comes under the list of 7 companies that are under the multi-role fighter aircraft (MRFA) project. To fulfil the Indian Air Force demand of 114 such jets, head of the Gripen India campaign Mats Palmberg ensures the proper working and is seeking partners in India for the project.



Around 70 km Nepal territory from India border under China

China has officially occupied Nepal’s territory of around 70 kilometres from India border where has started constructing buildings in the limi region of Humla district. China also had reconstructed the border pillar numbers 11, 12 without taking permission from Nepal. Nepal government has asked for the ground report for the details of the China encroachment. Even China encroachment has led to the protests at Kathmandu.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is still in the process of finding actions to deal with the issue and is likely not to confront China.


TRANSCOM and SpaceX and XArc in partnership to develop space-based cargo transport

The head of US transportation command announced the partnership with SpaceX and XArc, private space firms, for the development of space-based cargo transport. It has the potential to move the load of C-17 anywhere in less than an hour. The Pentagon will support the effect of commercial space foreign companies.

SpaceX has also received another contract to build 4 ballistic missiles from the Pentagon. The deal costs $ 149.1 million. The satellites will be based on Starlink broadband network satellites of SpaceX.