Artillery Brigade to Mountain Strike corps


India-China dispute is officially on the edge of disengagement. But the expected intention has not been showcased by China. Hence to improve its capability the mountain corp will be provided with its own Artillery brigade. The brigade will be deployed in Panagarh, West Bengal. Besides the gun, the Ultra Light Howitzers will be deployed.

Earlier in 2016, the full-fledged Mountain Strike Corps was expected to be established but due to budgetary constraints, the initiative had been stopped in between. 94000 troops and expenditure of 64000 crores was estimated at that time. At present, the Mountain Strike Corps has only one division based in Pathankot. As far as mountain warfare is concerned the infantry and the artillery arm of the Indian Army is very much necessary along with the Indian Airforce.

The concept of Mountain Strike corp was first put forward in 2000, but it was made a reality only in the year 2013. But financial roadblock slowed down the process of full potential Mountain Strike Corp as it requires manpower and equipment. Conceptualized in the last the MSC, also known as the 17 Corp has made its maiden appearance in the Exercise known as “HimVijay”. The same exercise put forward the concept of Integrated Battle Groups.

US- India defense ties won’t hurt Indo-Russian Defense Relations


Russian And Indian are defense partners for 5 decades. Even after the disintegration of USSR, Russia has maintained its legacy and provided great service to India. Geo-Politics has been changing now, India’s main enemy China is encircling India, and India wants more powerful supporters to counter balance Chinese acts in the Indian Ocean Region and along the Line of actual Control. In such scenario, the USA seems the nation which can serve the purpose for India. Thus, India started to establish diplomatic relations on the sidelines of consolidating its defence ties with the USA.  Though Russia is still the major arms provider of India the Indo-US relations have made some damage to the Indo-Russian partnership. Recently the US State Department has imposed sanctions on Aviazapchast, a Russian Aerospace Company. The Russian Company has ties with major indigenous defense companies like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bharat Dynamics Limited, the Department of Space, BrahMos, etc. On Friday the Ministry of Externa Affairs assured that the sanctions would not affect any ongoing deals of Indian Companies with the Russian Company



Two major projects have been identified by the ministry in which startups are involved


Indian Defence Ministry has identified two major projects which include the development and induction of Swarm Drones System and Smart Loitering Munitions. Both the critical projects have been encouraged by the ministry to bring innovative solutions for modern military problems. The projects have been selected after a challenge in which various startups and technology companies had participated. A growing Startup ecosystem can be utilized to fill the gap.