India demands more missile launch window

India has issued notice to Airmen for launching experimental flight vehicle in the Bay of Bengal. According to Indian Military watchers, it will be the China-centric “Pralay” to be in the first development test flight. Pralay having a range of around 500 km along with carrying 800-kilogram payload is solid-fueled and has tactical missile system.


Record of the highest skydive landing in Leh

As like other adventurous activities to strengthen the qualities of young warriors, the Indian Air Force has broken the previous records and set a new one of the highest skydive landing in Leh. In the jump from C-130J, the two Air Warriors- Wing Commander Gajanand Yadav and Warrant Officer AK Tiwari successfully landed at Khardungla Pass at an altitude of 17,982 feet. The landing was carried out on October 8 on the celebration day of IAF’s 88th anniversary.


6 successful tests in 5 weeks: India’s missile scientists

DRDO tested six weapons in the last five weeks even amidst the China border tensions in Ladakh. India’s missile scientists are in the intense activity.

The 6 missiles are Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle, the extended-range variant of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, a lighter version of the nuclear-capable Shaurya, anti-tank guided missile, the SMART torpedo, and an anti-radiation missile, RUDRAM today.

RUDRAM has been integrated on the SU-30 MKI as the launch platform. DRDO’s Hyderabad-based Laboratory developed it.



Pratt & Whitney PW127M Engine and Glass cockpit to power HAL’s AVRO ‘Subroto.’

State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) selected the turbo pipe engine, Pratt & Whitney developed PW127M to power ‘Subroto’- Avro Hawker Siddeley HS748 aircraft. Also, to replace all analogue systems, the craft will appoint a new “glass cockpit”. ‘Subroto’ is likely to be in use as a  technological demonstrator aircraft by HAL.

The PW127M is the imitation of the PW127E and PW127F engines.


Images of the Indian Ghatak stealth UCAV Surface revealed

In a recent video of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, some images of the Indian Air Force Ghatak UCAV, a scale model have been observed. The model was noticed in the background of the laboratory from where the lecture was recorded and uploaded on YouTube on 28th September.

It is likely to be the model of SWiFT which was designed and collaborated with Karnataka government established by the technology demonstrator. But Ghatak is going to be 8 times larger than SWiFT. Also, where Swift is planned for the first time fly in next year, Ghatak will not fly before 2025.

Some features of Ghatak says about the weight of 15000 and a range of more than 300 kilometres.