Hammer stand-off weapon added to the lethal arsenal of Indian Rafale fighter jet

Indian Rafale fighters are equipped with METEOR missiles, air-to-air MICA, and air-to-ground SCALP stand-off weapon. France has also agreed to equip with air-to-surface Hammer all-weather smart weapon. The Hammer contract was signed between the two governments. The weapons will be delivered to the Golden Arrows Squadron of IAF station in Ambala soon.

The Hammer can be launched from short range to long range of 70 km even without the availability of GPS and it has a higher resistance to jamming. It can be used for the multi-target attack. It has no maintenance cost. It has an air burst capacity and dedicated warhead. Overall, the Indian Rafale with Hammer weapon can destroy any opposition.

Rafale fighter is on the highest rate of alert due to PLA’s aggression at four points along the LAC.


Malabar Exercise 2020: Indian navy’s comment- “seamanship Evolutions” on the shared photos by US Navy

During the Malabar 2020, US Navy shared the pictures of USS John S. McCain who was conducting “replenishment-at-sea approaches” with Australian Navy, Indian Navy, and ships of JMSDF. It also informed that the quadrilateral naval exercise is targeting at the enhancement of cooperation between the Quad nation navies.

Before the US Navy, the Indian Navy also shared the small video of the Malabar Naval Exercise 2020 on Twitter. All members of the quad nations were present in the Indian Ocean. Indian Navy also stated that the ships are “enhancing interoperability”.


Gaganyaan: Astronauts’ training likely to be in Bengaluru, Pune, and Mumbai

The four Indian astronauts are under the training in Moscow. They will also have to undergo the rigorous schedule after returning from Russia next year.

The Indian Air Force Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) in Bangalore will contribute to training. Also, the four men seem to be trained with Navy’s Institute of Naval Medicine (INM), Mumbai and Indian army’s Army Sports Institute (ASI) in Pune. These institutes will look upon the physical fitness and daily routines of the astronaut-elects.

Medical training will be continuing until launching. There will also be advanced training which will include the familiarisation with Gaganyaan Systems. After that, there will be a flight simulation.

The first batch of certified pilots in India are ready to operate drones

Gurugram-based Redbird Flight Training Academy (RFTA) has trained the first batch of pilots and remotely piloted aircraft manned by women pilots free of cost for the drone operations in the country.

The government is also pushing for the increase in the production of drones and applications in fields like disaster management, agriculture, law enforcement, and healthcare.  

In the first phase of the program, RFTA will select 20 commercial pilot licence holder to be trained as drone instructors. Selection will be done from Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran academy.


Mystery Russian Short-range Missile tested by Sukhoi 30MKI

India has successfully test-fired the short-range air to air missile off the coast of Odisha. Frontline aircraft Sukhoi 30 MKI fired the 10 km range Russian missile and it destroyed an aerial target.

Two danger zones off the coast of Balasore in the Bay of Bengal area had been activated by India. IAF had also decided to equip its Frontline Sukhoi-30MKI Fleet with ASRAAN Within Visual Range (WVR) air dominance missile.