India rebalancing forces by fire powering LAC and IOR

India is planning to speed-up its rebalance of military forces and it firepowers to the northern borders- LAC and IOR with the operational challenges. The IAF and Navy are undergoing China threats along the Line of Actual Control. India has three additional divisions to supplement already 3 there along with T-72 and T-90S tanks. The IAF is set to optimise combat capabilities despite the budgetary constraints. It is finalising the plans of acquiring “pre-owned” mid-air refuelling aircraft. It has started rationalisation and re-prioritization of plans of scrapping the over  Rs 20000 crore tender for landing platform docks.


World’s largest air-launched missile- China’s new aircraft carrier killer

China’s latest hypersonic weapon is air-launched, completely different from others’ naval warfare. It is the largest air-launched missile in the world labelled as CH-AS-X-13. It is an anti-ship ballistic missile and likely to be carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle.

Its capabilities and features are assumed from the candid images on Chinese social media.

China test-fired a DF-21D ASBM into the South China Sea on 26 August. All developments demonstrate China’s increasing military power.

Army chief Naravane’s Nepal visit to start a conversation, Oli wants to restore Pancheshwar Project

Indian Army chief general MM Naravane will visit Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli this week after the investiture ceremony.  Then, the results of 45 days of diplomacy with Kathmandu will be under the test.

The Oli government wants Pancheshwar Project to revive on river Mahakali. Nepal wants to restore some other hydroelectric projects with India. India and Nepal are interested in deepening their ties.

Even India is thinking to contribute to health, education, infrastructure development, agriculture, and water shortage sectors in Nepal. Moreover, they can work together on the development of Simikot and Nepalgunj airports.


International organisations need to take action on Pakistan’s Pulwama attack admission

There must be a strict action from the UN and other international bodies against Pakistan for the use of terror as the part of State Policy. They should take into consideration the admission of Fawad Chaudhari, Pakistan Federal cabinet minister on Islamabad’s role in Pulwama terror strike. Pakistan has admitted its role in the death of 40 brave Indian soldiers.

India has plans to approach the International Court of justice.


Pakistan occupies Gilgit-Baltistan; protests have started

Pakistan is going to celebrate the day of occupying Gilgit-Baltistan but protests have started in the region demanding the release of human rights activists and political leaders. The protests are against the atrocities committed by the Federal Government and the Pakistan Army. The army is free to handle the situation anyway.

Pakistan has not contributed to the development of G-B that is shown from the absence of facilities. G-B residents have high pitch to clarify the position and role of the Pakistani establishment. It is expected that  G-B residents will defend themselves from the draconian CPEC project and save their territory from its turning into a Chinese colony.