Spraying disinfectants on people won’t work on the virus

The Union Ministry of Health, while responding to a petition filed questioning the efficacy of disinfection tunnels, spraying of disinfectants and fogging as means to prevent coronavirus infection, has said that no guidelines or SoPs were issued in the favor of using such tunnels as a mean to disinfect. Moreover, the spraying of chemical or organic disinfectants hardly had effect on coronavirus, posing harm on the skin of humans. Spraying of disinfectants can further lead to respiratory problems, while failing to reach intricate areas indoors. Supreme Court has questioned the allowance of such tunnels; appropriate measures to be taken in this regard.


Vital data erased from IAC

National Investigation Agency (NIA) reveals the deletion of vital data by the accused Sumit Kumar Singh of Bihar and Daya Ram of Rajasthan, from Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC). Erased sensitive data from one of the four Multi Function Consoles concerns the ship’s propulsion system, power management system, CCTV management and battle management system, also compromising the architectural intricacies of the ship.


SII CEO looks forward to the vaccine

CEO of the Pune based Serum Institute of India (SII), Adar Poonawalla, whose company is to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University, shares excitement and pride about the much awaited vaccine. The vaccine is presently undergoing phase 3 trials in Britain, Brazil, South Africa and India. The company has been allowed to manufacture and stockpile the vaccine for future use. Commercialization will begin once it successfully passes the phase 3 trials.



Government of India, Himachal Pradesh and the World Bank sign $82 million loan

The Government of India, the Government of Himachal Pradesh and the World Bank have signed a $82 million loan for the implementation of Himachal Pradesh State Roads Transformation Project, strengthening transport and road safety institutions of Himachal Pradesh by improving the condition, safety, resilience, and engineering standards of state road network. The mountainous landscapes of the Himachal Pradesh require well-constructed, well connected, climate resilient and safe roads, in order to foster the growth of rich horticulture and tourism, avoiding landslides and flash floods that weakens its road connectivity. The $82 million loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) has a final maturity of 15 years, with a grace period of 5 years.


DRDO applauded for successful flight of the Hypersonic Test Demonstration Vehicle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Twitter pats Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the successful flight of the Hypersonic Test Demonstration Vehicle. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also congratulated the DRDO, claiming it to be an achievement towards PM’s Atmanirbhar Bharat. The HSTDV is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic speed flight. India is the second in the world, after US to have developed this technology.


NITI Aayog responsible for monitoring Global MPI

NITI Aayog has been made responsible for leveraging the monitoring mechanism of the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), part of Government of India’s decision to monitor the performance of the country in 29 select Global Indices. Global MPI is an international measure of multidimensional poverty covering 107 developing countries. The objective of the Global Indices to Drive Reforms and Growth (GIRG) exercise is to fulfil the need to measure and monitor India’s performance on various important social and economic parameters as well as utilize these Indices as tools for self-improvement, reformation policies, while improving last-mile implementation of government schemes.



Action packed agenda to mark the First World Solar Technology Summit

International Solar Alliance (ISA) organizes the first World Solar Technology Summit (WSTS). The virtual summit is expected to be joined by more than 26000 participants from 149 countries, in order to draw attention on accelerating affordable and sustainable clean green energy by showcasing and deliberating on innovative, next generation technologies in solar power. A tripartite agreement between India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the World Bank and the International Solar Alliance is also to be signed in the event.


SC’s decisions on Content Regulation in Government Advertising (CCRGA)

The 19th meeting of Supreme Court on Content Regulation in Government Advertising (CCRGA) mandates States for the formation of a three-member committee. Some state government’s delay of forming the committee was dealt with strict warnings, extension due to the current pandemic was also made available.

As per the directions of the Supreme Court on 13th May, 2015, Government of India on 6th April, 2016 had constituted a three member body consisting of people with unimpeachable neutrality and impartiality possessing excellence in their respective fields, to look into content regulation of government-funded advertisements of all media platforms. Under the provided guidelines, the content of Government Advertisement should be relevant to the government’s constitutional and legal obligations as well as the citizen’s right and entitlements; advertisement materials should be objective and not advocate any political interest of ruling party; should be undertaken in a cost-effective manner; and finally, Government advertising must comply with legal requirement and financial regulations and procedures.


NEP as a vehicle to take India forward

In a virtual conference with PM Narendra Modi, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, administrators and education ministers of the States/UTs, President Ram Nath Kovind implied that the policy is not a mere document but an attempt to realise the aspirations of the nation. Discussing about the new National Education Policy (NEP), PM Modi clarifies doubts regarding the new policy. He says that the policy will lead the nation to better pathways in the 21st Century, as the policy is based more on learning and research based rather than curriculum, and practical performance, access and assessment. The policy also allows the student to pursue their own interests and streams, regulation being streamlined, while integrating culture, language and traditions.


AIM partners with Freshworks and ScooNews

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, has partnered with Freshworks Inc., customer-engagement software company, and ScooNews, one of the largest education media houses in India. The collaboration with Freshworks provide robust support to innovators and entrepreneurs in India, while increasing the efficacy of the institutions and startups in the AIM portfolio and foster innovation and entrepreneurship among startup innovators. On the other hand, the tie up with ScooNews is aimed to share and spread inspiring stories of grassroots, innovations Atal Innovation Mission while generating a greater awareness of various initiatives of AIM and Atal Tinkering Labs among the education sector stakeholders, schools, faculties, educators and mentors. The media house will also support various events or competitions initiated by AIM and also launch a special publication to celebrate the top innovations of ATL Marathon.