• West Bengal reported 65,000 cases.

Splurges of cases are seen in West Bengal recently with 2294 new cases and 42 new deaths. Currently, there are 19,625 active cases prevailing in the state.

  • Seven hundred twenty-one arrested for not maintaining the rules in West Bengal lockdown.

On the lockdown of July 29 in West Bengal, the police reported not many people were seen on the roads without any legitimate purpose. Seven hundred twenty-one numbers of individuals were arrested throughout the state for roaming around without a cause.

  • Migrant labourers from Odisha not consuming enough diet due to lack of finances.

According to a survey conducted by civil rights activists, it is seen that individuals residing in areas where migration groups are present are not investing enough money behind their diet. They are not able to get two meals every day due to the lack of income for the lockdown imposed nationwide.


  • M.Phil courses got discontinued due to the new National Education Policy.

The National Education Policy published on Wednesday stated that M.Phil courses would be discontinued further. Students will have to go for PHD courses straightway after completion of their master’s degree.

  • National Education Policy not yet available on the public domain.

Even though the National Education Policy declared its policies and new rules about education in India, it is not yet available on public domains. The cabinet secretariat is yet to send a written approval after which the policies will be available.

  • Saifuddin Soz talks about his house arrest situation and not being free.

Saifuddin Soz, Union Minister of J&K stated from his home that he has been in house arrest since last year August without any formal orders. He also said that the BJP government lied to the Supreme Court; he is not free in this country. He made this statement standing behind the wall surrounding his Srinagar’s home while police warned him to stay indoors and not step out of even talk.


  • The Ministry of Home affairs allowed the opening of Gyms and yoga institutes.

As a part of Unlock part 3 in India, the Ministry of home affairs stated that form August 5 gyms and yoga institutes can open up but will have to follow strict rules on social distancing and sanitization as well. Railways, metro and educational institutes remain closed till August 31.

  • Spike in the number of cases in Andhra Pradesh after increasing rapid testing practices.

The Andhra Pradesh government reported that there was a huge spike in the number of COVID 19 cases after they increased the number of testing happening per day. This can also be due to the migration of individuals from other states into Andhra Pradesh.

  • Herd immunity is not the correct choice for a country like India.

According to the words of the Health Ministry spokesperson, herd immunity is not a good option for India with a population of 138 crores. Immunization is the only effective way to stop the spread of infections and keep everyone safe as well.

  • Domestic violence against women rises in India as lockdown extends.

According to a survey, it was seen that domestic violence complaints increased 131% and online abuse against women increased 184%, especially in the red zone area in India.