• West Bengal asks for more funds from the Central Government.

After dealing with the pandemic, CM Mamata Banerjee requested the State to send more funds. The State had already spent 25 crores for managing the pandemic, and 125 crores were sanctioned by the National Health Mission. Now CM requested 53 crore from the Central government. She said she has been requesting for six months, and if the Centre releases the pending state funds, then we can work even better.

  • West Bengal against UGC guidelines, says exams cannot be conducted under this situation.

CM Mamata Banerjee said on Tuesday that she wrote a letter to PM Modi on July 11th, stating that in this stressful condition, it is not possible for any of us to conduct examinations. Considering the new guidelines issued by UGC on orders of Home ministry examinations is a must for graduating final year students. But keeping in mind the situation the world is fighting in, it is quite a difficult and risky step to conduct examinations offline. Online mode cannot be considered as an option by the State since the internet connection is not available at every corner of the State.

  • Israel teams arrive in India to amplify the rapid testing process.

A team of high ranking professionals arrived in India to amplify the rapid testing process in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. High tech types of equipment will be provided to the testing centers to get testing done rapidly, and in greater numbers also a lot of other types of equipment will be provided to medical staff to minimize their exposure to patients along with high-quality sanitizers as well.


  • Majority Indians cannot afford a proper balanced nutritious diet.

According to the results published by the Food and Agricultural organization in partnership with the United Nations Organization on food security in India, a lot of Indians cannot afford a balanced diet.

Due to the lack of financial support and the loss of jobs in the pandemic, people belonging above the International poverty line of $1.90 also cannot afford a proper diet. This can be due to cultural differences as well as increasing prices of food items as well.

  • India recorded the first child born with COVID 19 infection through vertical transmission.

India recorded the birth of the first child with COVID 19 through vertical transmission. Vertical transmission happens when the baby is present inside the infected mother’s body, and the virus passes through the placenta and infects the baby.

The baby was born in Saansoor hospital in Mumbai and was transferred to ICU for showing symptoms like fever and cough. This is quite unusual to happen because, before this situation, babies born from infected mothers were immune to the coronavirus and were healthy as well.

  • Dharma productions CEO went for giving a statement for Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case.

It’s been more than a month since the brilliant actor Sushant Singh Rajput left us. Fans are still looking for answers behind his will to kill himself. Dharma productions CEO Apoorva Mehta went for giving his statement to the police on Tuesday because Sushant did a film with Dharma in 2019 named Drive.


  • Trials for COVAXIN started in Odisha.

COVAXIN, the first indigenous vaccine project of India, recently started its phase 1 human trials. Volunteers from Odisha have been chosen for the trials. From Tuesday onwards, trials started with an expectation of positive outcomes in order to save the country from the virus as soon as possible.

  • 26 Rohingyas found hiding in Malaysian Islet, who were suspected of drowning.

The Malaysian government found 26 Rohingyas hiding in an islet. They were helped by local fishermen to reach Langkawi so that they could sneak out without being caught. But they were suspected of drowning for jumping off the boat, the government, later on, found them hiding.

  • Trump is hoping to launch a vaccine before elections to save his political career.

USA President Donald Trump wishes to get a vaccine published before the elections for which his political party is exerting immense pressure. He believes this will help in managing the jeopardy that happened with his political decisions and his career as well.

  • Delay in the restoration of 4G internet in J&K.

The Centre stated that due to uncovering terrorist operations taking place in the Jammu and Kashmir valley, it is not the right time to restore the internet. On the other hand, Lieutenant governor, G.C Murmu, stated that the center should reconsider its decision and provide internet to the State. He submitted an affidavit in the court, but the court’s hearing has been delayed.