Celebration of 79th Foundation day by CSIR

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research celebrated the 79th Foundation day. The celebration was performed at the SS Bhatnagar SabhaGhar on 26 September 2020. Many CSIR awards for school children 2020, CSIR Technology awards 2020, Young Scientist award 2020, and many other awards for excellence in different domains were announced. There was an appraisal for CSIR labs for their ability to face challenges during the COVID-19. CSIR initiated testing in the country and trained many medical professionals for the same. CSIR also developed two applications- KisanSabha and AarogyaPath. 


Foundation of Post-Harvest Management centre and 21 Ayush Health and Wellness centres in Jammu and Kashmir by Ayush Minister

Through video conferencing, Dr Jitendra Singh, Shri Shripad Naik, Ministry of development of Northeastern region together laid the foundation for post-harvest management centre for medicinal plants. The foundation is at Bhaderwah. Also, on 25th September 2020, they have launched 21 Ayush health and Wellness centres in J&K. These developments will create employment, improvement of self-care notions, prevention of diseases, and also it will promote Ayush at the international level.


MoU signed by India and Denmark on Intellectual Property Corporation

Danish patent and trademark office, business and financial affairs, Ministry of Industry, Kingdom of Denmark signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 26 September 2020 with the department for the promotion of industry and internal trade, the Ministry of Commerce and industry. The ceremony was conducted by the Ambassador of Denmark, Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra. The Union Cabinet approved it.

Ways of Intellectual property Corporation are- exchanging and collaborating best practices, training programs, experts, activities, and information. Different methods will be exchanged for patents, designs, trademarks, graphical indications and use of IP rights. It also includes understanding traditional knowledge protection and implementation of modernisation projects. The MoU will overall foster the cooperation between India and Denmark.


Inauguration of “Destination Northeast 2020” on 27 September 2020

Shri Amit Shah, Union Minister for Home Affairs and Chairman of the Northeastern Council will launch “destination North East 2020″. The four-day program has a mission to strengthen national integration. The theme for the event is ” The Emerging Delightful Destinations”.  There is World Tourism Day on the same date as well.

The programme also relates with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Bharat with the focus on Vocal for Local. North East region offers eco-tourism, culture, heritage, religious pilgrimage, and the opportunity of growing business in the centre of attraction.

“eSanjeevani” telemedicine service of Health Ministry records 4 lakh doctor-to-patient teleconsultations

eSanjeevani OPD platform of Ministry of Health and family welfare has crossed a milestone with the completion of 4 lakh teleconsultations in which the top performers are Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh with 133167 and 100124 sessions respectively. Two types are there- Doctor to doctor and Patient-Doctor. Teleconsultation as doctor to doctor has 1.5 lakh health and Wellness centres in a “hub and spoke” model. Total 2068 and over 12050 state government health departments are using national eSanjeevani platform. 20% of patients sought eSanjeevani Health Services more than once. Now total online OPD included 27 general, 169 speciality, and 24 States with the super speciality.

The virtual bilateral summit between India and Sri Lanka

Prime Minister of Sri Lanka HE Mahendra Rajapaksa and Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi conducted a virtual bilateral summit on 26 September 2020. Opening remarks of Narendra Modi were quite welcoming along with the provisions for the victories. They discussed regional and international issues and bilateral relations. They have decided to house the cooperation to target the mission of eliminating terrorism and drug trafficking. Also, they asked each other to continue partnership under the MoU and agreed to work together towards the completion of 10,000 housing units constructed in the plantation areas. And they put a thought on strengthening cooperation in agriculture, Science, Technology, Animal husbandry, civilisational linkages, and Tourism.


Narendra Modi seeking a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council for India over helping UN in peacekeeping missions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the United Nations general assembly about the position of India as the top UN decision making bodies. He highlighted India’s contribution to the UN non-inclusive foreign policy peacekeeping missions and the respect given to the UN in India. Likewise, Narendra Modi also wants the same respect for India in the UN. He also ensures that India’s vaccine production is for the whole world, but India expects the “expanded role” in the UN.


The nomination of George Barrett to SC

US President Donald Trump has revealed the name of Supreme Court nominee who is 48-year-old law professor, conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett. She was the first time appointed in 2017. She is hostile to abortion rights. 

It is expected to have a 6-3 conservative majority on the will of Ms Barrett. Some parties are against the decision such as left-leaning government watch for group accountable US asserted Barrett’s actions of only protecting businesses rather than people.