Clinical study to assess the role of Guduchi and Vasa for the solutions of COVID-19 by Ayush Ministry

Ayush Ministry is going to take up the clinical study on the role of Vasa Ghana, Vasa Guduchi Gana, and Guduchi Ghana, the time-tested herbs in Indian healthcare traditions, for the management of COVID-19. The study will be conducted at All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi along with the IGIB unit of CSIR. Case report form CRF would be included in the study. It requires approvals, such as of the institutional ethics committee (IEC).


Sanctioning of 670 new electric buses and 241 charging stations under FAME scheme

The government has sanctioned 670 electric buses in Goa, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, and Gujarat and 241 charging stations in Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Port Blair. The scheme is under phase 2 of Fame India Scheme (launched in April 2015) leaning towards electric mobility in the country and is applicable for 3 years with the budgetary support of rupees 10,000 crores.

 The department of heavy industries is boosting the adoption and manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles in India under FAME India Scheme. Where the government sanctioned 425 electric and hybrid buses with the cost of rupees 280 Crores, the first phase of the scheme had about 2,80,987 hybrid and electric vehicles.


Manufacturing of the RRTS trains and unveiling of the first one

Under ‘Make in India’ policy, high speed of 180kmph, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and high-frequency commuter trains for RRTS have been manufactured. The aerodynamic RRTS are going to be fully air-conditioned and lightweight. These will have radiating stainless steel outer body. On 25 Sep, one RRTS train has been launched. NCRTC awarded the rolling stock work in the form of long term maintenance by the manufacturer.

Further, the production in 2022 for Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut will be at Bombardier’s Savli plant in Gujarat. The travel time between Delhi and Meerut will be reduced by around 1/3rd.

Features of the trains for passengers include automatic plug-in-type doors, CCTV, fire extinguisher, Innovative train control monitoring system, Platform screen doors, and much more.



Celebration of the foundation day of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana

Ministry of Rural Development Government of India celebrated the foundation day of the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana. It is on the Ayodhya Divas. Shri Narendra Singh Tomar emphasised on the importance of skill development and expressed the fact of 10.51 lakh rural youth trained and 6.65 lakh successfully placed. On the occasion day, Tomar has initiated Agripreneurship program for which he released some guidelines and the collection of success stories of DDU-GKY placed candidates.


Scientists of JNCASR introduced new catalytic properties in gold  and developed a method of upscaling “Graphene”

 Scientists from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced scientific research (JNCASR) have stabilised gold in the non-cubic lattice. They have uncovered efficient catalytic properties of the metal. The team guided by professor GU Kulkarni has also stabilised Au in mixed lattices that consists of low symmetry lattices as micro-crystallites. The team professor MK Sanyal from SINP, Kolkatta also joined JNCASR team. They used a scanning x-ray diffraction microscopy technique.

Also, researchers of DST developed a cost-effective method to upscale the most conductive material Graphene while preserving its single layered properties. It was done by heating naphthalene coated nickel foil for a few minutes by Joel heating in cooling to get twisted layers of graphene.

This understanding can help in any twisted hexagonal system.


IRDAI identified New India, GIC, and LIC as D-SIIS

The insurance regulatory and development authority of India (IRDAI) has listed General Insurance Corporation of India, The Life insurance corporation of India, and The New India Assurance co. as domestic systematically important insurance (D-SIIs) for 2020-21. The regulator, the three Public sector insurance, to heighten the level of corporate governance. D-SIIs will amplifier risk-taking, reading competitive distortions during market discipline and increasing the possibility of distress in future.



The US proposes rules for fixing time period of three categories of visas

US Department of Homeland security proposed a rule for fixing the duration of the initial admission for students(F visas), foreign media (I visas), and exchange visitors ( J visas). They fixed periods and extension periods for the visa categories operating under the “duration of status” framework. Visa holders are not allowed to go outside the US until conditions of admission are met.

F and G students would be able to take admission of four years only and PhD students, and media visas will need to apply for extensions in the need of more than 4 years. But the duration of stay will be two years for the people of countries with greater than 10% VISA overstay rates and for those citizens who have state sponsorships of terrorism list. This role would help in decreasing the number of the road in the F1 program.

The public can comment on the proposed rule until October 26 2020.