• Coronavirus cases: Maharashtra remains in the first place with Karnataka holding the second most infected state.

6 months already gone, cases in India seem to skyrocket every single day. Standing in July the highest numbers of cases are still persisting in Maharashtra. Karnataka is holding the second-highest infection rate until now. Rapid testing has been initiated in the state to provide a comprehensive cure to the disease.

  • Workers vulnerable to get exploited due to the new industrial policies implemented by the Central government.

Keeping in mind the drowning economy of India, the government implemented the new industrial policies. These policies are mostly made to attract a better number of investors, and companies to take the opportunity and build on Indian land. But these laws also make workers vulnerable to getting exploited by the upper hand. The worker’s unions are protesting in order to bring a change and keep situations in favor of workers as well.

  • Western ghats in danger due to the Draft EIA notification 2020.

The Karnataka activists and scientists have been opposing the Draft EIA notification 2020 due to its lack of favorable decisions for the environment. Due to this draft western ghats of India are seen to be the most affected and due to which the protests have been started from Karnataka itself. Delhi court extended the hearing till 11 August and gave time for the public to present their opinion on the draft. But activists want to scrape it off totally since the Western Ghats are already facing a lot of degradation and are fragile.


  • Pedda Jeeyar tested positive for COVID 19.

Tirumala Tirupati devasthanams Pedda Jeeyar tested positive for coronavirus and has been admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. Jeeyar has been repeatedly feeling sick and was earlier admitted to a Padmavati state COVID 19 hospital.

  • Black lives matter, protestors set Juvenile detention center on fire.

Protestors for Black lives matter in Seattle marched in a juvenile detention center construction site and set it on fire. A violent crash took place by thousands of protestors, around 11 people have been arrested and a police officer is being hospitalized for a leg injury in the clash.

  • Private hospitals struggling to get their hands on remdesivir and tecilizumab.

A number of private hospitals in the adjoining areas of Chennai are struggling to get stocks of remdesivir and tecilizumab for the treatment of COVID 19 patients. Due to the limited amount of stocks being available in the market it is becoming difficult for private hospitals to provide better treatment to patients.

  • TMC plans social media campaigns to fight back BJP.

Like BJP’s social media campaign West Bengal’s ruling party TMC also took the initiative of starting their social media campaign to reach out to people. The campaign will be consisting of videos launching for three days every week and the speaker will be Derek O’Brian.

One minute video clips will be posted on three different days and this campaign will extend for at least four months.


  • Jammu and Kashmir’s coronavirus cases seem to skyrocket.

The number of coronavirus infected cases seems to skyrocket recently in Jammu and Kashmir. Currently, Jammu and Kashmir jointly report 44,744 cases. The number of cases seems to increase on Saturday and caused 9 more deaths which bring the total number to 305.

  • 11 policemen suspended in UP due to negligence in a kidnap case.

11 policemen were suspended due to negligence in catching the kidnappers of Sanjeet Yadav. Yadav’s family threw a bag full of cash on a bridge that was collected by the kidnappers and Sanjeet was also not returned. He was found dead later on last month. His family stated that all these happened solely due to the negligence of police forces.

  • Ladakh neglected by the government 11 months after being declared as a Union territory.

After the government took the decision of turning Ladakh into a Union Territory, the people of Ladakh seemed quite happy with the decision. They were hopeful that this decision will bring peace and more attention to their villages. But the current scenario is quite different from what they expected. There are no jobs, no formal banks, and disputes prevailing over its capital as well.

They are left in isolation by the government with zero attention and providing facilities as well.