• Kerala MP advised testing for COVID.

The Kerala MP will now have to test for COVID 19 after attending a wedding party. The groom tested positive which required all the guests now to opt for testing as well. The wedding party was organized earlier this month and the Kerala MP attended it and probably came in direct contact with the bridegroom.

  • UAE to host IPL from September 19 to November 8.

Due to the COVID, 19 outbreak IPL was postponed and was going through a lot of uncertainty. But UAE declared that they will be hosting the IPL on their land from September 19 till November 8. The chairman of the Indian Premier League Brijesh Patel declared this in his speech on Friday.

All precautions and rules will be thoroughly followed and safety measures will be taken in order to keep everything safe and not elevate any chances of spreading the virus while arranging the matches.

  • Javedkar ordered to shut down protesting websites against the controversial EIA notification 2020.

The Environment Impact Assessment notification 2020 created a lot of hustle amongst the people and the youth recently. But union environment minister Prakash Javedkar turned a blind eye to all the protests that went behind the revision of this notification. On Friday he ordered Delhi police cyber crime branch to shut down every website protesting against the notification where petitions were uploaded.

A website was shut down, this website was created to upload petitions against the new EIA notification 2020 which was quite controversial and neither beneficial for the country’s environmental laws.


  • New splurge in COVID 19 cases. The virus remains invincible around the world.

The COVID 19 cases seem to rise up again after lockdown gets lifted up after a prolonged period of time. Countries like Australia, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong are seeing another outbreak of new cases after battling the previous session. Spain and France are also facing new cases. These countries are planning to bring new regulations and safety measures to keep situations under control. The virus remains undefeated across the globe and the world waits eagerly for the good news of vaccines to stop the infection.

In India also similar scenes are seen in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They successfully flattened the curve within mid-May but recently a new splurge of fresh infection cases was recorded in both the states.

  • Chinese orders sent to the US to close their consulate at Chengdu.

After the US government asked China to shut down its consulate in Houston, the Chinese government on Thursday ordered the US authorities to close their Consulate in Chengdu. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign affairs stated on Friday that this act of shutting down the US consulate is an obvious response to the orders the US gave them regarding shutting down of Houston consulate.

  • 14-year-old minor COVID patient sexually abused by another patient at the care cent

 A 14-year-old minor girl complained of getting sexually abused by another patient at the COVID care center of Chattarpur. She stated that one patient who was admitted to the COVID care center of Delhi with her allegedly sexually abused her in the care center’s washroom.

The 19 year old man who did the heinous act of sexually abusing a patient was arrested along with another person who made a video of the abuse on a mobile phone.


  • Lockdown is a burden on families, children from poor background return to begging in Bhopal.

The lockdown called upon by the government to battle coronavirus is undoubtedly bringing a hard time for all of us. For poor families, it has become a huge struggle to make ends meet. Due to the lack of income for almost four to five months children are forced to go back to begging and rag picking to help their families financially.

Schools being shut down, children remain in their home and are seen on the roads begging for money and food to help their families survive through the pandemic.

  • Recovery rates of COVID 19 patients significantly rise. The case load stands at 4,26,167.

The number of active cases of COVID 19 in India stands around 4,26,167 with a fatality rate of 2.41% and a recovery rate of 63.18%. On Wednesday the country experienced the highest number of recovered cases in 24 hours and the same seems to continue till Friday as well.

  • Covaxin goes for phase 1 human trial. Man was given the first dose of Covaxin.

The first dose of Covaxin was given to a man in his 30s for initiating phase 1 human trial. Covaxin is India’s only vaccine project indigenously produced to battle against the novel coronavirus. The trials are started at AIIMS Delhi and on Saturday few more individuals will be given the doses as well.

  • Kerala can impose statewide lockdown after the new rise of COVID cases.

Kerala CM stated on Friday that with the new splurge of cases seen in Kerala it opens up the requirement of a statewide lockdown soon. By mid of May Kerala flattened the curve by curing a huge number of COVID 19 cases. But recently within two days, the state experienced an elevated number of cases of infected individuals.