• US firms requested to invest in India’s economy by the PM.

PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday requested the US firms to take the initiative of investing in India’s healthcare, defence system, education, energy and insurance sectors. Since India is always ready to welcome newness in the system and eager to provide new opportunities US firms should take good advantage of this chance and establish better relations with India by investing.

  • 84 workers of Tamil Nadu’s Raj Bhavan tested positive for Coronavirus.

84 workers from Tamil Nadu’s Raj Bhavan including one security personnel and some fire service staff tested positive for coronavirus. The health ministry of the state made all the individuals stay in quarantine with proper treatment. The governor, however, did not come in contact with any of these individuals who tested positive.

  • India and US should join hands to defeat Chinese govt scams, said US secretary of state.

After the Chinese government’s bitter experience increases with both India and the US, the US secretary of State Mike Pompeo said India and the US should join hands in order to stand against the Communist Party of China.

Mr. Pompeo proposed that it is important to fight against the Chinese scam if democracies like India and the US combine together.

  • The US needs to look beyond the alliances, said the external affairs minister of India.

At the U.S. India Business Council’s India Ideas Summit the external affairs minister Mr S. Jaishankar said that the US needs to look beyond their alliances and should be accustomed to working with a multipolar world.

  • Amazon plans to set 10 new fulfilment centres across the country before the festive season.

Before the festive season, Amazon plans to extend their fulfilment centres with 10 new centres across the country. They are extending their storage space so that the consumers can get whatever they need when ordering. This is also an amazing step taken in order to provide more jobs across the country.


  • Life in the state froze as lockdown in Kashmir enters the second day.

In order to fight against the pandemic, the Jammu and Kashmir government took the decision of extending their lockdown period. As the second day of lockdown starts the districts of Kashmir and Jammu stays frozen with no public transport working. As the COVID cases increased the government planned to extend the lockdown to July 28.

  • Examinations cancelled, students promoted in colleges of Tamil Nadu.

As the number of coronavirus infection cases increases, the education ministry to Tamil Nadu took the decision of promoting college students. Students from undergraduate and postgraduate courses in science, arts and engineering are promoted without conducting the semester examinations. Students of final year are also graduated without conducting examinations even though UGC strictly advised to graduate students only after taking exams.

  • CM of Himachal quarantined after deputy secretary tested positive for coronavirus.

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh went in quarantine after the Deputy Secretary tested positive. He is quarantined in his residence in Oakover in Shimla. The swab sample of CM is going to be collected and tested.

  • Asymptomatic COVID 19 patients to be discharged after tested negative in the antigen test.

The state government took the decision of discharging COVID 19 asymptomatic patients after their antigen test came negative. The antigen test will be performed after 10 days of admitting in a hospital. As the beds are getting saturated the government took this decision to keep beds available for patients who are experiencing deadly symptoms.

  • India recorded the highest number of recovered individuals in a single day.

After the rise in the number of cases, India recently recorded the highest number of recovery cases in a single day. Around 28,475 individuals have been discharged from hospitals all across the country in 24 hours. The recovery rate is now boosted to 63.13%. After the outbreak of coronavirus all across the world this is the most positive news we all have heard after a long time.

The country is still waiting for the vaccine and sees the abolishment of the virus permanently to get back to normal life again.