• ChAdOx1 nCoV vaccine shows positive outcomes in the trials, claims a report by Oxford University.

The research team working for the vaccine at Oxford University claimed that the vaccine they are working on is showing positive results till now. In phases 1 and 2 of human trials, it showed positive results. It showed positive results in neutralizing the effects of Coronavirus in infected hosts.

Once ready, the vaccine will be mass-produced and distributed by Serum India Institute in Pune. The vaccine will be available for INR 1000from September if things go well.

  • Total lockdown in Kashmir from today till Monday.

The administration in Jammu and Kashmir declared a lockdown till coming Monday except in Bandipora district. In order to control the effects of COVID 19 in Kashmir, the lockdown is being conducted and will be extended after seeing the outcomes.

  • More sero-surveys to be conducted in Delhi to see the COVID 19 situation.

The health ministry of Delhi declared more number of sero-surveys to be conducted from August 15 in order to manage the number of infections happening. According to the previous sero-survey, around 24% of the population of Delhi showed antibodies for fighting against Coronavirus. This means still a huge number of individuals are left to get infected.


  • Extend of work from home till December 31 for the employees of IT and ITes.

Keeping in mind the current situation of COVID 19, the government of India extended the practice of work from home for IT and ITes companies till December 31 of 2020. Currently, 85% of the IT workforce is working from their home, and it seems not to cause any problem in the process; hence the extending of this practice is declared by the government.

  • Serum India Institute has begun the manufacturing of the Oxford vaccine, completion by the end of August.

The Serum India Institute declared that it has started manufacturing the Oxford vaccine recently. They will be seeking permission from Oxford if everything goes well for starting phase 3 trials in India as well.

If the trials show positive results in India, then the vaccine can be commercially sold and will be a groundbreaking discovery for fighting COVID 19.

  • Foreign experts injured due to the blast in Baghjan gas well.

A blowout happened in the natural gas well in Assam’s Baghjan, which caused injury to three foreign experts out of six. The three individuals injured were belonging from the Singapore based alert disaster control.


  • Congress not bothered about “Raid Raj,” said party’s spokesperson.

After the enforcement of directorate conducted searches in the home of Rajasthan Chief Minister, the spokesperson of Congress party said they are not afraid of the BJP government’s “Raid Raj.” The Congress leader also criticized the incident of killing of journalists in Ghaziabad UP.

  • Fake COVID testing kits found being trafficked from 77 countries.

Police found fake COVID testing kits being trafficked from 77 countries, which were worth $40 million. This has been happening since 2019, and around 407 individuals are arrested in the process.  

  • HCQ and chloroquine not accurate for treating COVID 19.

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, the two drugs to treat malaria, have been used to treat COVID 19 as well. Recently in journal Nature, it was declared that both of these drugs are not appropriate to use for COVID treatment due to its debatable capabilities.

  • China advised closing its consulate in Houston.

China stated as per the words of the US government, they had to close down their consulate in Houston. Beijing stated in response to this situation as a very threatening demand by the US government.