1) Learning of 80% of students depends on mobile phones

Central government schools are saying that they are using mobiles to continue their studies rather than laptops. The survey reveals that in KVs, 84% of students are maintaining their education through mobiles, and only 19% are connected through laptops. The Covid-19 times has affected the education system, such an extent that some learners are inaccessible to their textbooks. Only some areas have provided all sources including radio, smartphones, mobile, TV, and computer according to education policy guidelines.


2) Tribute paid to 2 militants killed in Shopian operation

In South Kashmir’s Shopian Operation, with joint police of Jammu and Kashmir, security forces killed an unidentified militant in Molu Chitragam area. Two soldiers first came into the contact of terrorists in operation. As there was a firefight, 2 soldiers underwent severe injuries though they continued to fight. Some officials DGP Dilbagh Singh, Chinar Corps Commander, and Lt. Gen. B.S. Raju paid tribute to the 2 soldiers who were killed during the 2-day encounter.


3) Bangladesh receives vaccine from India

India is ready to provide Covid-19 vaccine to Bangladesh on a priority basis, and pharmaceuticals of Bangladesh are also prepared to collaborate. When Bangladesh’s foreign secretary Masud Bin Momen and India’s secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla met each other, Momen discussed the contentious issue of the spurt of Bangladesh nationals’ killings on the border by India’ BSF and asked to stop it altogether. This issue agreed to them for the future meeting of the India-Bangladesh consultant committee.

Also, Bangladesh offered temporary membership to India for 2021 to put pressure on Myanmar at the UN security council.


4) Saved Egyptian mummy from flooding at Jaipur museum

Torrential rains lashing Jaipur has proved significant damage to the Albert hall museum by flooding artefacts, paintings, maps, files, documents, and most importantly, 2,300-years-old Egyptian mummy. The Egyptian mummy, named Tuto, one of the total six mummies in India and the rare object of historical interest was gifted by the museum of Cairo for the Jaipur exhibition in good condition. It was in the basement at the rain time when excess water entered and made a batter of things, but before it touched the mummy, it was shifted by breaking the glass and taking to the dry place, upper floor by the staff.

Although the calamity tried to vanish everything, the quick action of the staff saved the mummy, and hundreds of documents and artefacts have been placed on the museum floor for drying. The entry of visitors has been closed for seven days for the recovery.


5) The response of Bollywood stars on the transferred case of Sushant Singh to CBI probe

Bollywood personalities are welcoming the decision of Supreme Court that is handling the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case to CBI investigation. They totally agree with the decision, which is clear from the social media messages lauding the Supreme court’s decision. Some of them urge people to stop speculating and assuming conclusions. Some suggest waiting for the investigation, which is the hope to reach the truth after the long time of restlessness.

6) New National recruitment agency by government

The union cabinet has approved for the beginning of National Recruitment Agency(NRA) through which the students would take the eligibility test before getting recruited. Central Government Recruitment agencies would be considered under NRA and all others would also be under but gradually within time. The responsibility of the NRA includes preparing a preliminary test for the Staff Selection Commission, Railway Recruitment Board, and the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. Scores of the test would allow the candidate to apply in any individual agency.


7) Impacts of new NEP 2020 in terms of equity

National education policy 2020 approved by Indian cabinet has included the provision of converting the system of affiliated colleges into the influential top-ranked ones according to their background, movements,traditions, maturity, past works, and academic standards.

Thereby, the internal functioning of universities and colleges can draw the politico-bureaucratic interference but also the responsibilities of regulating admissions, setting curriculum, and conducting exams are on them. Besides, it can lead to the stoppage of innovation of affiliated colleges.

The status of graded autonomy has perils vis-`a-vis equity, accessibility, and quality of the higher education system.

 Correspondingly, according to the rapid demand for higher education, the concern is arising for the cost of development and infrastructure. The upfronted recommendations are to maintain unequal funding structure for higher studies.

The new system permits the grant of special funds and starting self-funding courses and some others being independent of the regulatory authority. Overall, the new system has enhanced privatisation in higher education.


8) The partnership between China and Russia as a contributing factor

Chinese President XI Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have proved friendly relationships which are but unclear to have a formal alliance. In the key triangle of China, Russia and America, China seems to have occupied the position of America having favoured relations with both countries. Besides, Western sanctions are pushing Russians closer to China. Russians are compelled by their demolishing exports to Europe to depend on China. Not only China-Russia trade has doubled up, but also the Chinese currency in Russia’s central bank has started reserving. Contrarily, it has a mixture of bitter moments as the development of china becomes an uneasy factor to digest for Russia. In trade too, no side wants to lose their sovereignty.


9) Appeal for intra-court by Ex-Judge Kurian Joseph

Justice Kurian Joseph is the former Supreme Court who suggested to grant intra-court appeal to the convicted person in a suo motu contempt case as an ordinary criminal person has. This decision has widened the safeguarding and helps to avoid possibilities of injustice in contempt cases.


10) Approval for the leasing of 3 airports through PPP

Among the 6 airports, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Guwahati, and Thiruvananthapuram, first 3 were earlier on the highest bid by Adani Enterprises Ltd during the AAI’s privatisation process. Union Cabinet has approved the handling date of which was extended due to the lockdown and three remaining airports for the leasing through Public-Private Partnership (PPP). AAI has received Rs. 1,070 crore for leasing the airports for 50 years and not permanently. The amount received is decided to be spent on the establishment of more airports in small sectors.