1) 50% cut in perks and allowances for all employees: Metro announces

Suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, Delhi Metro has gone through the significant loss on which it has decided to implement a 50% cut in perks and allowances for all employees.

But the advanced actions will be granted for medical treatment, composite transfer grant, and TA and DA.


2) Amarinder claims the nation’s security under disturbance due to SYL issue

CM Amarinder Singh claimed if no attention is on the contentious issue of Satluj-Yamuna link canal, the peace and security of two nations, Punjab and Haryana can be on the verge of great disturbance and dispute between the two.

After predicting the implications, the ministers of Punjab and Haryana met in Chandigarh to talk on the issue where the Punjab CM demanded a tribunal to check all-time water availability. Noticing and explaining the factors deteriorating Punjab’s condition such as prediction of Pakistani movement against them, Amarinder showed consideration. On the status of destroying Punjab, the possibilities are of the international problems for other countries too.


3) SC dismisses the need for auditing PM CARES funds

As the Supreme Court has supported PM CARES being the charitable trust, there should be no auditing in it having budget-free scope or no government money included in it. PIL petitioner has no right to question its progress. It is 100% tax-free and is not under public scrutiny. For the enhancement of infrastructure, the dire need was reasoned to shift PM CARES fund to NDRF, whereas the appeal is rejected with the reason of clearing that these 2 are different entities.



4) Disapproval of Supreme Court on the legality of sex-selective abortion rules

Last year Supreme Court differed the legality of sex-selective abortion rules’ case, but now it has again disapproved. Even previous year the court ruled that it will be an offence in case of non-maintenance of medical records. Another open-ended question is about the eligibility of medical practitioners in the case of ultrasound procedures. As India’s sex ratio at birth calls is uncompromising to public policy, it has become another worrying case.


5) The housing of South Africa’s cheetahs in Mysuru zoo

Claimed by the zoo that post-COVID-19 days has allowed the first international animal exchange. 3 Cheetahs, one male and two females, landed at the Kempegowda International Airport on Monday and were brought from the cheetah conservation centre of South Africa to the Mysuru zoo of India safely.


6) Approval for change of ‘No-Go’ forests into coal minings

In 2009, there was a ban on coal mining in ‘No-Go’ zones having flora and fauna on a large scale.

However, among the 41 blocks of the auction in 2020 by Narendra Modi through conferencing, 21 come under the original ‘no go’ list.

The investigation has found that the coal ministry has been instructed to clear forests for mining. General Sunita Narain has shown consideration about forests and ensured to optimise coal mines and care of forests simultaneously.



7) Introduction of drone-based surveillance system at railway stations

Railway management has recently introduced a drone-based surveillance system with the features of real-time tracking, automatic fail-safe mode, and video streaming, to enhance security for passengers and railway assets, tracks, and workshops at railway stations. 9 drones had been procured, and there is planning to purchase 17 more. The training has been given to 19 RPFs, of which 4 have received their licences to fly drones, and others are for the operation and maintenance.


8) Objection on unilaterally cancelling exams

 States are suspected of implementing cancellation or change in the schedule of the exams, which is objectionable to UGC(University Grants Commission). It is primarily due to the absence of reliable and final testimony about final year exams. The advice is to meet with the centre and consult about apprehensions.

The exam conducting guidelines revised on July 6 even explore options of online or offline methods of exam and reappearing if he/she is unable to appear once.

It has become a controversial issue between cancelling the exams and opening up the educational institutions. As if the institutions open, no reason will be there to cancel the exams.


9) Framework for retail payment system

RBI releases the framework for retail payment system with the setup of Pan Indian Umbrella entity which will work on managing, operating, and setting up new payment systems like white-label POS, ATMs, remittance services, and Aadhar based payments. Also, the responsibility of identifying and managing relevant risks and monitoring rail payment systems is of the new retail payment system. The formation of the entity is under the payment and settlement system act of 2007. The safe rules for efficient transactions will be met having a current account with the bank according to the requirement.



10) Dream11 brags title sponsorship rights

IPL governing council has awarded dream11, an Indian company in Mumbai Maharashtra, the title sponsorship right for Rs 222 crore after 2 earlier bids, in Unacademy and Byju. It is for Indian Premier League of 2020 edition.