1) The far fetched criterion of recovering around 50 children for promotion

Having doubts on police personnel according to the previous record of not undertaking concrete steps for the investigation of any missing child, Delhi high court asked police to ponder upon their benchmark of tracing and recovering 50 missing children under the age of 14 in a year for promotion. Although police are likely to set a goal for Constables, and Head Constables and encourage its personnel for out of turn promotion, it is an impracticable decision.

2) Saliva Direct: New diagnostic test by the U.S. FDA

U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised cost-effective, rapid, and accurate result giver saliva test, known as SalivaDirect, which diagnoses the presence of coronavirus even in the condition of a few virus copies in a saliva sample. It is developed by the team of Yale School of Public Health who tested it on 98 Health Care Workers, 44 inpatients, and NBA players under the leading of Nathan Grubaugh and Anne Wyllie. The proof of high sensitivity of the test gets cleared with the numeric value of  90% ensured by Andy Slavitt through a tweet and its sample taking procedure directly from inside the mouth rather than nasopharyngeal approach. Moreover, this diagnostic test is with the mission of eliminating the risk of infection while collecting samples.

 It is allowed to be openly used by US laboratories and NGOs with a free licence to help the needy ones on the claimed cost by researching between $1.29- 4.36  per sample.

3) Struggle of Indian airlines to stay afloat

 Deadlock in the travelling sector thanks to imposed testimonies, travel restrictions, and bans during the global battle against COVID-19 forced India to struggle in the process of cargo flights to maintain revenues that underwent the significant loss of 2,800 crore rupees of IndiGo between April and June 2020.

Even no survival of some airlines is predicted by Kapil Kaul in case of no support of recapitalisation and funding. A significant amount is needed during the recovery phase too.

With the strategies, the airline has adopted fuel-efficient plains along with negotiating moderate prices and credit terms.


4) Migrant labours on their way back to their respective workplaces

Daily wagers those who in the initial stage of nationwide lockdown created a commotion on the Anand Vihar Bus Terminal are returning for their livelihood with the hope of employment. But It has shown impact by reducing wages from that of earlier.


5) Bridge construction started over the Yamuna

Development of the metro bridge over the river by DMRC using cantilever construction( CLC method) is supposed to connect Soorghat metro station with Sonia Vihar metro station crossing the Yamuna at about 213 mtr upstream of existing signature bridge and  385 mtr downward of old wazirabad bridge. Using the design of BMI (Building information modelling technology) to work on the 3D model and with the same cofferdam level for a better supply of construction material is another idea.

From the perspective of the eco-friendly approach, it is officially ensured that no activity would be the reason for the risk of flood plains and restoration can be done if it happens. Disposing of the debris in the scientific ways and the permission of dumping is not allowed. Having completed the approval list, DMRC is focused on fulfilling its intentions.


6) Objection on communally sensitive videos

On Sunday, J&K police have emphasised objections and filed cases over the viral videos about two incidents in which one is of the derogatory remarks used by a person against the prophet and another one about the lynching of Muhhamad Asghar by revengers for the accuse of causing injury to a cow with a sharp knife.



7) Protest from Anti-caste and tribal groups to resume their post-graduate studies objected due to the accuse of Dr Tadvi case

The issue of Dr Tadvi’s suicide came into vis `a vis the caste discrimination. Appeals to the state government by anti-caste and tribal groups are to prevent the doctors from stopping them from enrolling at any medical college to resume their postgraduate students. They weren’t allowed to enter the premises last year, and the court had also turned down the request of granting permission. Thereby, the accused students came up with the file in the supreme court against the high court’s decision that asked advice from MCI and Maharashtra government regarding allowing the accused to migrate to any other medical college for the continuation of studies.


8) Interference of FB in polls: demand for JPC probe by congress

On Sunday, congress made objections on the officials of Facebook India for interfering in India’s electoral process with some tags like favourable treatment in election-related issues to the BJP, and former Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi made accusations on BJP -Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh for being responsible for the spread of fake news and hatred statements to influence the electorate. Even offensive words have been used by Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad against Mr.Gandhi. Noticing the allegations, Congress has demanded JPC to inquire into the issues and asked FB head office to remove those with political links.


9) Raj Bhavan under surveillance

The allegations about placing Raj Bhavan under surveillance and protecting its sanctity came on Sunday by West Bengal Governor Dhankat when a day before he met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and senior officials. However, he set up new declarations which have led to a new political controversy among the governor, Minister Rajiv Banerjee, or TMC leadership who rubbished the assertions.


10) The decision for the development of biodiversity park in Aravalli

The village panchayat has decided to pledge land for the biodiversity park spreading a hundred acres in Kasan in the Aravalli mountain range. There have also been visits by tourism, forest, and education ministers on the place. The tourism minister Kanwar Pal interacted with media persons during his visit to Gurgaon about the increase in reserve forests and assumptions about planting 125 million saplings for which 1100 villages are expected to come forward for the responsibility.