SSB Personal Interview is an excellent opportunity for SSB aspirants to make a good impression on the IO and show your dedication and enthusiasm towards joining Armed forces. But that doesn’t mean you provide scripted or bluffed answers. You cannot really fool the IO, as they are experts in the field and are trained to analyse your personality through all kinds of questions.

Try to relax. Just know yourself and people surrounding you better, before going for the interview. That’s because, most of the questions are based on your personal life.

Below given are few confusing questions asked during SSB interview:

  1. Why you didn’t get selected in previous attempts? (For repeaters)

The sole reason for IO asking this question is to check whether you have done self-evaluation before coming to the interview or not. You don’t really have to list out all of your negatives while answering this question.

Just try to focus on what improvements you have done so far. According to your understanding, you can state any reason that you feel got you rejected. But, avoid assessing yourself like an SSB examiner.

  1. Why your percentage increased/decreased from 10th to graduation?

The main intention behind this question is to know you better. Did something happen during this span of time that affected your performance? That’s what the IO wants to know. Your answer could be anything, for example, subjects became tougher with time, you failed to manage your time precisely, over influence of outdoor activities, bad friendships, etc. Just be honest with this answer.

DO not blame other people like your teachers for your low marks! Stand up for your mistakes in life. Your answer should sound optimistic like it has taught you positive things in life!

  1. Do you have a girlfriend? If not, why? Are you gay?

This question is asked to check your sincerity and focus towards your goal in life. While answering, try to remain cool and do not change your posture or tone of speech. Whatever you answer, just answer honestly. Do not lie at all, because the IO can determine your lies through your body language.

  1. What qualities do you check in a person before you befriend them?

This question is to check what general qualities you are attracted to, in people. This tells a lot about your own personality and how you take things in life. Do not provide mundane answers like “He/she must be cool”, rather try to be more specific about the personality traits you like in other people like honesty, friendliness, kindness, punctuality, genuineness and so on.

  1. What are the things that your parents/friends don’t like about you?

You need to answer this question optimistically and avoid sounding negative about yourself. IO wants to know how well do you know yourself and what do you do to overcome these shortcomings. Again, self-evaluation or self-appraisal are very important things you need to carry out before going for SSB interview.

A person who doesn’t really know himself well will come off to be clueless and unintelligent.