CDS exams are being carried out by the UPSC twice every year. The test is taken in a written form and includes sections namely English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Hundreds of people decide to test their luck and go for these exams every single year.

Many questions might arise in a person’s mind, for someone who is going to be appearing in the test for the first time ever, but it is vital information to know how a person is selected at the end of the CDS exam. It can greatly aid in the preparation, as you will know exactly what they look for. Following, the selection process of a CDS exam is briefly explained.

  • Step 1: Written Examination

Firstly, all of the candidates appearing in the test would have to appear in the Written Examination test. In this, you have to appear in the particular written test which is associated with your particular examination.

In certain examinations, there might be more than one examination tests. For example, if you are giving the AFA, IMA or INA tests, you will need to give three examination tests, comprising of Math, English and General Knowledge. But the written examination is supposed to be the first step in every type of examination.

  • Step 2: Intelligence Test/ Interview

The progression of this part of the selection procedure includes two particular stages. In the first stage, the intelligence of the candidate is rated. It includes a series of different tests, which also involves Picture Perception and Description. The result of this stage is a combination of both the picture perception and the IQ Rating. If a person clears this stage, only then is he/she to proceed to the next stage.

As a part of the second stage, a series of tests are to be carried out over a period of 4 days. These tests include an interview, group tests as well as a psychology test. Several procedures take place, after which the candidates are further shortlisted.

  • Step 3: Verification of Documents

After the candidate has cleared the interview and the previous tests, only then are his/her submitted documents tested for accuracy. The documents which are to be submitted by these documents include their Academic degrees, birth certificates, passport sized photographs, eligibility certificates, along with an identity as well as residence proof. After the verification, the candidate is moved on to the next and the final step for the selection.

  • Step 4: Medical Examination

After having cleared all of the examinations, there is a final medical examination carried out in order to make sure that the candidate is fit when it comes to physical health. A medical examination is thus taken to test the candidate for essential health, and if he’ll be fit for the job he’ll be qualified for. This test is carried out by their qualified medical specialists.

After all of this is done, the candidates who have passed the CDS examination will be published soon after the fourth stage comes to an end.