If you’ve just cleared your AFCAT exam, many congratulations to you! You finally stand at a place where you’re done with the exam, but now you must be wondering about the next steps. It’s true that there’s a lot more still left ahead of you and a lot of things you have to clear in order to reach into the air force. Hence this is a complete guide of what you should be looking out for, and what you should be preparing for now that you’re finally done with your AFCAT exam!


One of the many things you’re going to have to look out for; reservations, as you’re going for a very important interview. You’ll need to reserve a hotel room to keep your cosy and comfortable if you’re going far from home. Interview reservations would also be chosen by you, and you can look for when it’d be the most convenient for you; if you can catch the train (in the case of a long journey), and if you can really manage to get there on time. All of these are things you should start thinking about right now.


Make sure all of your documents are with you. Make a checklist of all of the documents that would be necessary to submit later on, and gather all of them in one place, where they are easy to approach. The sooner you do this, the better it will be because then you will have enough time to collect the documents you don’t have yet, but need for later. You will be able to make sure that everything’s ready.


In the interview, you would want to come off as a person who is very aware and vigilant when it comes to the matters of the nation. You’ll have to show them that you have great knowledge about all of the major and the minor events happening in your country in every sector. Not just that, but you would have to practice to have a particular opinion on whatever is going on around you, and if it should be happening or not.

Apart from this, the basic knowledge of the air force and military, and how it really works, is also essential. You will need to know how everything over there works, and all the essential facts and figures about the military to showcase your great interest in wanting to join the air force.

Practice your speech:

You should be able to speak in the interview as fluently and confidently as possible, and good English spoken skills will really get you a lot of bonus points. Just try to make sure that whatever you speak is clear, and perfectly understandable by the interviewer.

Get fit and Dress well:

A very important part of your interview preparation should be caring about the way you look. You should appear to be a person who is healthy, fit, and he really knows how to take care of himself. An outfit which is very well put together and formal will get you the bonus points you really need!

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