Thousands of young people aspire to serve in the Defence Forces of the country, and it is an honourable position for anyone who manages to achieve it. However, all of those willing have to go through an SSB Interview, comprising of a series of different tests. In these tests, the personality and the character of the person are tested. Candidates are tested on many levels and the ones who manage to clear this interview are given posts amongst the Defence Forces of India. If you are one of the youngsters who wish to give this test a go, following are some of the tips you can use to ace it.

What is Included?

One of the most important things to be aware of before going through this test is the pattern. You must be aware of the kind of tests which are taken, and what is included in them, after which you can start the in-depth preparation.

The Interview takes place over a period of 5 days. The first day is allocated for testing the Candidates Intelligence, which also includes the Picture Perception Test. On the second day, they test your mental health and abilities through a series of psychological tests. The third day is all about testing your performance and ability to function in the form of a group while doing group tasks and discussions. On the fifth day, a final meeting is held with the Assessor, in which they might ask you questions as a part of your SSB Personal Interview.

Knowing all of this can help you prepare in a better way for the upcoming test.

Show Responsibility:

Throughout the test procedure, they will be looking for candidates who are able to take responsibility, taking matters in hand and showing traits of accountability. This is how they choose someone who is suited to be a part of the defence forces, so you have to show traits of leadership and efficiency.

A Sound Judgement:

You will be facing certain situations in which you will have to choose either this or that. In this case, it is important for you to show great reasoning ability, and show that you can easily come to sound conclusions based on facts and unbiased judgement.

Organization and Management Skills:

You must show that you can really organize yourself, and arrange things in a manner best suited to you. A well organized person, who is always ready for whatever is coming, and never lets their guard down, is the best choice when it comes to a position in the defence forces.

Effective Communication:

You must be able to communicate effortlessly and fluently in English as well as your native language. The Assessor will be looking for candidates who face no problems in putting their thoughts into words exactly the way they are, making themselves clear.

A strong mindset will be required, along with a determined mind that you are going to ace the Interview no matter what. These are the things which will take your through, and help you succeed.