Yet again, a few days back I had a candidate call me for SSB interview guidance. He has failed his first attempt already and was wondering what could be possible reasons for his rejection. As a matter of fact, we had a long convo in which he enlightened me on how he performed in all techniques.
What I gathered from his talk is that he is quite intelligent and has good academic score in graduation degree. But, he said he has not participated in any of the extracurricular activities like outdoor sports, neither in school nor in college. The way he talked, he sounded like an Introvert to me.

Let’s see where he could have been dropped clues of rejection:

1. Personal Interview:

When I asked about PI, he said he thought all went well.

In the first set of questions, IO asked him questions about his friends, family, about college, whether he participated in any sports, did he ever take a trip- with whom, etc.

As for his answers, he said he had 2 college friends. He did not participate in any outdoor sports throughout his education except in few indoor sports. He has gone on family trips, but not with friends. On being asked “Why not with friends?” He hesitated at first and said, “I don’t really have a large group of friends”.

At last of the interview, he was asked “Are you an introvert or an extrovert?” To which he said, “I am not extremely shy, nor extremely friendly”.

Lastly, IO asked him about how many friends he made at the centre. To which he answered sceptically.

2. GD and GPE

He was almost last in the group to speak up during Group discussion. He just gave 2 points which were already discussed.

During GPE, he tried to participate but could not give any ideas of his own.


  • The candidate is clearly an introvert and reserved. If the IO is constantly asking about your friends, trips, sports, etc. he is looking for your team spirit, social adaptability and leadership qualities.
  • Introverts have a hard time making friends and adapt with a team. They tend to get nervous around people and become conscious of their behaviour.
  • Not participating in outdoor sports again adds to the reserved nature of the candidate. Apart from this, it also shows lack of liveliness and physical fitness.

Necessities to get selected in Defence Forces:

Defence Services requires a candidate who can lead a group of people, can adapt with his/her team mates and has enough confidence to socialize with them. He/she must have social effectiveness and able to face critical situations in life without being shy or reserved. Only then, an Officer will be able to take important decisions, take risks and handle different kinds of situations in what comes after.

For that, being an extrovert is equally important as is being intelligent, energetic and brave. Any candidate who shows awkwardness in GTO tasks, shyness during PI, etc. is definitely up for rejection.

Not to mention, taking part in extracurricular activities and outdoor sports helps you develop team spirit and leadership qualities. Or else, you will come off as someone who is reserved and dull.

Beware of lying and faking your personality as an extrovert, because IO will bombard you with questions to confirm your nature.

To conclude, we can say that this candidate’s introvert nature, lack of exposure to extracurricular activities and inability to work in a team is what got him rejected.