Many times, candidates are confused as to whether it is compulsory to mention their previous SSB interview attempts, thinking that the board does not keep the record of your previous attempts. Whereas, some other candidates cannot really remember their number of attempts or minute details like chest number or batch number of their previous SSB interview attempts.
Many candidates think that more the number of SSB attempts, higher are the chances of failing the interview.

Can You Hide Your Number of SSB Interview attempts?

If you hide your number of SSB interview attempts, you will get caught sooner or later.

  • Even if not caught on the first day itself, you will certainly get caught once the actual SSB interview starts because all of your documents and previous records are verified once you are screened in. Even your chest number and batch number is kept as a record in Board’s database.

Notice regarding Mention of previous SSB attempts:

Now, below given is an important notice issued by Indian Army regarding the mention of the previous number of SSB Attempts.

  • While filling up the application form, you can enter simple details like type of entry (TGC, CDS, AFCAT, etc.), month and year of interview, etc. Even if you don’t remember minute details like chest number, batch number or date of interview, it will be fine.
  • For the record, always write the details of your SSB interview (the one you are attempting) like name of the entry, batch number, chest number, etc. on a paper and preserve it.
  • If you forget to mention a number of SSB attempts in application form, make sure you mention it correctly in your PIQ form.
  • Know that failure in clearing Stage I of SSB interview is also counted as ONE ATTEMPT.

What happens if I Hide or Fake my previous SSB attempts?

The board keeps a record of every candidate appearing for SSB interview. Once you are screened in, all of your previous SSB history is retrieved, if any.

  • During interview, if you are caught telling a lie or hiding your number of SSB attempts, you will be debarred from appearing for further stages of SSB interview and will NEVER be allowed to appear for any of the future SSB interviews.

Besides, it is not really befitting for a future Defence officer to have such qualities of lying or faking.

Not only will you miss a good chance of becoming an Officer, but you will absolutely have NO CHANCE AT ALL in future.

Why is it better not to hide your previous SSB attempts?

We have seen myriads of candidates getting selected at their 11th or 12th or even last attempt. Instead of hiding or lying about your SSB attempts, be honest and show the SSB examiners what improvements you have made to your personality.

You must know what were the potential reasons of you not getting recommended, being conferenced out or screened out, and must work on those areas. For your every new attempt, you must be an enhanced version of yourself.