Freshers have a good chance of recommendation at SSB, as they will be more relaxed and can display their original personality.

SSB procedure will be the same for freshers as well as repeaters but often repeaters are seen to be under pressure due to their successive attempts.

So freshers need to grab this golden opportunity and give their best in SSB interview.

The biggest relief for freshers is that they won’t be bombarded with questions like ‘What changes have you made in your personality from your previous SSB attempt’ or ‘why were you not recommended before’ and so on.

So, here are few SSB questions freshers might come across and their sample answers:

  1. Tell us about yourself?

This is the most obvious question asked to the candidate. Mention your name, family background, education, basic skills in your answer.

  1. Why do you want to join Armed Forces?

You need to answer such questions according to your aim in life, motive and interest.

Your answer can be- I am very passionate about Defence forces, I want to lead a life of an Officer and experience the discipline and honour that comes with it, whilst serving the country. And also, I want a career that involves physical activities, going to new places, meeting new people rather than opting for desk-bound jobs.

Students from technical field can say that they have a passion for flying (if applying for flying branch) and they’ll get to learn new things and solidify their knowledge even more.

  1. What will you do if you don’t get recommended?

Here the assessor wants to see your optimism and attitude towards failure. You can say that- I will do self-assessment, find out what were the possible reasons for my failure and try to improve them gradually. If not this time, I will work hard and try again next time.

  1. Did you do any special type of preparation for SSB?

Just be honest here and tell them whatever preparation you did before you arrived for the interview.

You can mention the name of your books, tell the IO about your daily routine and other sources you referred to.

If you have taken coaching for SSB, just be honest and tell the IO. But don’t be too descriptive about it.

  1. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? If not, why?

Do not lie, be honest. If not, you can say- Right now I am focused to be in Defence forces and making my career in the same. If yes, just say it.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Don’t say I have no weaknesses. Everyone has some flaws.

IO wants to know how much do you know yourself, are you aware of your shortcomings or not and how you’re working to improve yourself.

Strike a balance, do not over-criticize nor over-praise yourself.

You can say that- I have good technical knowledge, I am optimistic, punctual and honest in life. I try to give 100% dedication towards my goal. But, my command over the English language is slightly weak. I am working on it. And mention how.

  1. Tell me about your native place.

IO wants to check your social awareness. Provide a short and precise answer. Tell him about history, popular places/people, culture and geographical significance about your place.

  1. Do you drink alcohol/ watch porn?

Again be real. You can say- I feel these things are total waste of time/money and a great distraction from important things in life. Besides, these things do not befit a future Defence Officer.

  1. What if you never-ever get recommended in SSB?

It’s illogical to not to have any back-up plans or options considered for your career. You can say- I will try again for SSB through other entries. Yet, if I never get recommended, I will pursue higher studies (or find job) in my graduation field.

  1. GK/ Social Issues/ Current Affairs questions

Be aware of national and international current affairs and happenings. Have some views and opinion about them. You might be asked to provide a solution for some social issue.

  1. Armed Forces Questions

Have basic info about the branch you’ve applied for. For example, the ranks, formations, commands, weaponries, etc.

These are just some common questions, there might be many more questions asked based on your personal life, educational background, social background and GK.