Once NDA candidates qualify the examination, they will be further called for SSB interview. The interview procedure for NDA aspirants is same as that of other types of entries. Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) will be assessed in each and every candidate. Only thing that’s different about NDA candidates is that they will be facing SSB interview at a very young age (right after passing 12th).

NDA interview has different tests and stages, out of which PI (Personal Interview) might be most challenging one. That’s because aspirants will have to answer various tricky questions asked by IO.

Below given are examples of such tricky questions asked in NDA interviews which you need to answer carefully.

1. What makes you want to join Defence?
This is most commonly asked question in PI, so you need to prepare well.

Instead of talking about ‘sacrifice for nation’, it is better to talk about things that you like most about the defence sector. For example, you could say “Sir, I really admire the honour that comes with this job. This is what really inspires me to be in the Defence sector. I am passionate about leading a courageous, adventurous and disciplined life. And, that’s exactly what Defence sector offers. Along with that, the pay perks are great and most importantly I want to experience the pride of wearing the uniform whilst serving my country”.

2. Why did you give first preference to AF/ NAVY/ Army?
You will have the option to give preferences to different services whilst filling up the form. So, when asked about this question, make sure you answer optimistically and honestly. You can say that you are interested in a particular field and want to work for the same. IO just wants to check your foresightedness.

3. If you never get recommended, what will you do in future?

Don’t answer, “I haven’t thought about it yet”. You need to have a “plan B”, if you don’t get selected in defence sector. Whatever it may be, have some ideas and plans about your future beforehand. There are plenty of higher studies options available after 12th, you can choose any. Decide on your future studies before the SSB interview.

4. What will you do if you don’t get selected this time?

IO wants to check your determination towards being an Officer. Answer confidently. You can say that, “If I don’t get selected this time, I’ll do self-introspection, try to find out the reasons of failure and work really hard to improve them. Next time, I’ll come back with even better preparation.”

5. Did you join any coaching class for SSB?
If you lie about this question, IO will come to know sooner or later. If you did not take any coaching for SSB, you can mention about whatever preparation you did for the same viz. books, online resources, magazines, study material, etc. Just be honest.

6. What motivates you to join Defence forces?

If you’ve decided to join defence forces, there must be something that inspired you to do so viz. your parents, ex-officer, someone you know who’s already in defence, soon. Mention whatever it is that inspired you to take up this career. Provide a realistic answer.

7. Why should I select you?

You cannot answer this question if you don’t know yourself really well. You have to recognize your strengths/weaknesses through deep self-analysis and then mention what makes you ideal for this position. Talk about your strengths and let the IO know about your passion to join defence forces.