To effectively prepare for the AFSB you need smart work along with hard work. You must follow some points while preparing for the SSB and especially AFSB. The given below tips will help you to prepare for the AFSB interview in the right way.

  1. Stay Updated with the Hot Topics – The happenings in the nation and the world are mostly as discussed in the GD and the interview. Print media, news channels, social media etc. helps you I a great extent to increase your knowledge. GST, ISIS links in India, Jat Reservation, defence acquisition, Syria peace deal, economic survey, F-16 deal of US-Pakistan, Rafale and S-400 deal etc. are the trending topics now.
  2. Change your Routine – Try to change your regular routine activity by incorporating your hobbies, basic physical activities and interests into it. Your routine on weekdays and weekends are mostly asked in the interview. A strict daily routine makes you more discipline and leaves a positive impact on your psychology.
  3. Spend Time on your Hobbies – This is the time to give time to your hobbies and interests again. Focus on them and try to find out why you like that activity, what you have been able to do yet, what is its affect on your life and is the hobby/activity is productive for you or not. Follow your hobbies and interests keenly by getting deep into it.
  4. Increase your Social Involvement – Try to learn the basic social etiquettes by involving in more and more social activities. Spend time with your social group such as your friends, relatives, society etc. This will not only enhance your communication skill but also make you more confident in speaking in a group and share your views with them.
  5. Work on your Communication Skill – The only way to rightly express your views and thoughts is your communication skill so it is of vital importance. Reading English newspaper, watching English news and videos and talking with your friends in English will definitely improve your ability to speak English. Try to talk decently and to the point while maintaining a positive phase.
  6. Expand your Mental Ability to Think – The psychology tests are to judge your thinking, mentality and versatile views. You can achieve all these by expanding your area of thinking. Try to find out several ways to solve any social problem that you face in day to day life. Your social problems and how you solve them with your ideas helps your mind to think more.
  7. Start Preparing for the Interview – It is very important to start preparing for the personal interview. The questions of SSB are more or less same. But in the interview the time is consumed in preparing your replies. So, better to start preparing for the interview earlier and do regular practice of it.
  8. Increase your Physical Fitness Level – If you are physically fit and active then it leaves a positive impact in the GTO. In the GTO, your stamina is checked which is one of the required thing in the SSB. Doing some basic exercise, running, skipping, playing etc. increases your stamina.
  9. Avoid Repeating your Previous Mistakes – Identify your previous mistakes and work over them. You can make mistakes but cannot the repeat the same mistakes again and again. And first of all, stop blaming the SSB staff for your rejection. You must be lacking something due to which you got rejected. So, try to identify them, improve yourself and don’t repeat them again.