AFCAT 1 2021 Written Result Out


A long wait for thousands of students who have taken the AFCAT 01/2021 is now over. The Indian Airforce has published the result of the AFCAT 01 2021 on their official website Read the article till last, there is a piece of bonus information (off procedure screening hack) given in the last paragraph that will definitely help you.

Cut-off Mark

AFCAT 01/2021 exam’s cut-off mark is 165. EKT Cut off Mark is 30.

This time AFCAT Cut-off mark is slightly on a higher side. However, the EKT cut-off mark is too low than expected.

How to view the result?

Step 1: Candidates have to visit the website.

Step 2: Login into the account created at the time of registration of written examination. The result will be displayed in front of you.

Now, what?

The written exam qualified/shortlisted candidates will be called by Air Force Selection Boards for further testing or interview (prevalently known as SSB Interview). It is not clear yet whether the candidate will have an option for date selection and to choose the selection centre or selection board. Before the pandemic, the candidate had this opportunity to choose the venue of selection centre and the date of the interview.

When the selection centres will be allotted or option to choose the centre will be published?

Generally, within a period of 2-days the option to select the centre appears. Sometimes it appears within some hours (3-4 hours).

How to choose a date or centre/board?

Log into your account following the same procedure as you followed to see your result and select the selection center (if IAF gives the option).

List of Air Force Selection Boards:

– AFSB 1 Dehradun

– AFSB 2 Mysore

– AFSB 3 Gandhinagar

– AFSB 4 Varanasi

Note: Please visit the site on a regular interval of time if you want a particular centre. Because, as soon as the IAF releases the date selection or centre/board selection option, seats start filling soon.

Bonus Information: Do not go to opt for the last 2-3 batches because the number of candidates appearing for the screening increases because all the document out candidates and it is quite common that most of the candidates choose the last batches. Does it matter? Well, personally I feel it matters a lot. Many would disagree though, but think logically, if a selection centre has the capacity to accommodate 40 students then they will take 40 only. If the number of candidates at the time of screening is higher, then your chances of getting screened in diminish automatically. That’s why you should go for initial batches if you are prepared, otherwise opt for middle batches after a month from now.