Indian Army has now discontinued to take Absentee Batches for those who miss the date of their SSB interview.

Previously, Indian Army provided this option for the candidates who were to attend SSB interview but couldn’t do so.

Whoever was unable to attend the SSB interview on the given schedule, they were allowed to appear for the same in Absentee Batches.

But now, Indian Army has stopped this practice.

Why has Indian Army discontinued Absentee Batches?

Indian Army assesses candidates coming from all across the country throughout the year for various courses and at various SSB centers.

Time and time again, we see that many candidates are unable to appear for the SSB interview on their scheduled primary dates.

Timeline for each entry are already set by the Recruiting Directorate, Army HQ. It is not feasible for the selection board to change the dates of SSB for trivial reasons. That’s because time constraints for every entry is already set up and changing the dates becomes impractical and disorderly.

What to do if you can’t attend SSB interview?

Since there’s no absentee batch scheduled for a later time frame, SSB aspirants should mostly try to avoid missing the interview. However, if candidates cannot attend the interview due to unavoidable reasons, they can ask for their scheduled date to be postponed.

Take note, Indian Army has discontinued Absentee Batches for the all the respective courses.

To postpone the interview date, candidate needs to get in contact with the selection center and request them to change the date.

Under no circumstances will the selection board change the dates of SSB, except for Ser. 7 mentioned below, that too under exceptional conditions.

Although all the other reasons (from Ser. 1 to 6) are very common and might seem to be genuine from candidate’s point of view, it is not really befitting and feasible for the selection board to keep on changing SSB dates.

  1. Medical/Health problem like injury or fever, etc.
  2. Delay of the train or bad weather conditions (especially in winter seasons). Candidates need to plan, arrive early at the SSB center city and arrange their own accommodation till the date of reporting under such conditions.
  3. Date of Competitive/Academic Exams (other than SSB) or Interview date
  4. Marriage ceremony of sister/brother or relatives, etc.
  5. Applied for Supplementary exams (held in Academic year)
  6. Loss of documents or Variations of particulars in your documents
  7. Clashing of two SSB interview dates

As mentioned above, only the last Ser. 7 will be considered as a valid reason to postpone your SSB interview dates, that too under certain circumstances.

For all the other reasons mentioned above, candidates need to adjust and somehow try to attend the SSB interview at their scheduled time frame.

For further requests, you can just contact the selection board and check if they will postpone the SSB dates of your interview.