An interview is a gate to enter into SSB. Interviews keep happening all the time throughout the year. Every Year thousands of candidates appear for the SSB interview but only the best one make it through.. There are times when candidates who prepared very hard can fail as well and there are also times when candidates don’t even know the full form of SSB but still appear for an interview. If you really want to join SSB and work responsibly you should know these 10 things before appearing for an SSB interview:

Purchase proper dress: Proper Dressing is a must but in order to dress properly you need to shop properly. You should make sure you have everything beforehand to avoid any last minute hassle which may affect the results.

Learn the OLQs: OLQ or Officer Like Qualities must be remembered by heart. You should also make a note of all the OLQ’s you apply in your day to day life. Include as many OLQs as possible from your routine life.

Physical Fitness: Physical fitness is the basic requirement for a candidate applying for SSB. You should make a timetable with routine exercises and proper diet. A physically fit person always has an upper hand in the SSB Interview.

General Knowledge: Start reading newspapers, watching the news and being generally active in discussion with people about current affairs and just gain general knowledge. Everyone is expected to have a fair bit of general knowledge and should know about what’s going on in the world.

Speaking Skills: Expressions are the most powerful tool of mankind. Being able to express and talk made us advanced. Speaking is also a very important part of an interview. Have a proper accent, fluency and sound sober.

Attest Documents: Along with SSB call letter, you also get a list of documents to carry before an interview. Keep original copy enough attested copies and Xeroxes with you that you won’t run in any trouble at the end time.

Be positive: Stop taking stress and don’t be anxious about the interview. It is hard for a newbie to not get anxious before an interview but if you keep a positive and confident approach towards an interview, things will always go right.

Climate: The place where you’re from and the place where the interview will take place may be different. So always be prepared and do your research on the climate of the place where the interview will be taken. If it’s in a colder region then you must carry your warm clothes with you because you wouldn’t like getting sick right before the interview.

Why? This is the question that the interview will surely ask. Why do you want to join SSB? You must know your strength and have a valid reason for why you are best suitable for this job and not any other job. What does the job mean to you? You should be very clear about that.