SSB interviews are designed to test a candidate physical as well as mental strength. The tougher would not always be selected unless he has sound logical and reasoning skills. The IO’s test the way you react to a question which may sound silly at first but can determine the results of the interview. Candidates have been asked a lot of twisted question which may sound silly but aren’t.

Here are 8 such questions which require the Presence of Mind, Attentiveness, Logical and Out of the Box Thinking In the SSB Interview

  1. 5 Uses of eyeglasses?

One must think that eyeglasses are only used for visual aid but it’s not true. Eyeglasses can do things like:

  • Protect your eyes from sunrays, dust, water, etc.
  • Fire can be started using the lens.
  • It can send signal rays.
  • The frame can be used as a hook.
  • Can be used as a digging and cutting tool.
  1. What was written on the door push or pull?

This question is used to check the alertness of the candidate in the SSB Interview. Most of the time candidates enter the room without noticing the rather common stuff like If they pushed or pulled the door.

  1. What would you do if your sister and I run away?

This question is used to test your reasoning ability in emotional conditions. This is a hypothetical question and the interview wants you to thinking logically rather than getting angry.

Possible answer: I would call both of you back and arrange a grand wedding.

  1. What is the volume of this room?

As we all thought we are talking about sound here but that’s not true. This is to test your logical reasoning. A room is usually cube-shaped so ‘volume of this room’ here would be the mathematical volume of a cube. Tell them the formula for it.

  1. Something about you that’s true but nobody agrees on it.

This question is to test your skills of convincing people. This will check how well you can justify and reason yourself against people who wouldn’t agree.

  1. 100kg coins or 100kg feathers, what weights more?

This is again to test your logical reasoning. It doesn’t matter what materials we are using if the weight is stated to be the same for both. The volumes might be different but the weight would be the same as 100kg coins and 100kg feathers.

  1. Highest number 3 digits can make?

Most of us would think the highest number that three digits can make is 999. Again, that’s not true. If someone asks what’s the highest number we can make using three digits the answer would be 9^9^9 which means 9 to the power 9 to the power 9.

  1. Tell me the colour of the wall behind

As with the question about the door, this question tests your alertness and out of the box thinking. Usually one would not notice the colour of the wall behind while entering but if you think wisely most rooms would have all the walls of the same colour. So the wall behind you must be the same as the wall in front of you. Don’t look behind for the answer rather be smart and answer confidently.

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