If you provide strong opinions when asked about Current Affairs/Social issues, your chances of getting recommended are much greater. All the candidates are expected to have good knowledge about current happenings in the country as well as other nations.Here are 7 Tricky Current Affairs Questions you might get asked in PI. Make sure you are logical whilst answering these question.

    1.What is your take on beef ban?

The Beef ban has attacked India’s secularism and every citizen’s right to eat what they want.

Banning food items with regards to health or hygiene concerns or even environmental issues is okay. But banning beef for religious or political opinions is wrong. Millions of Indian minorities like Christians, Muslims, and Dalits consume beef.

Killing people over ‘doubt’ that they’ve has consumed beef or transported cattle is quite inhumane. Besides, beef ban has caused a serious decline in annual beef exports and millions have lost their jobs.

    2. Was it a right decision to withdraw Hajj subsidy given to Indian Muslims?

Those funds are supposedly utilised for educational purposes, especially for girls belonging to minorities. So it’s good.

   3. What do you think about growing religious intolerance in India?

Indian citizens need to come together and fight illiteracy, backwardness, environmental and social issues rather than fighting over religion. Country’s secularism must be used to strengthen and empower its own country, rather than sabotaging it.

People need to throw away their religious hatred that causes communal clashes and unite for country’s benefit. India is the biggest democracy in the world and we need a great amount of maturity to eradicate this intolerance.

4.  What do you think about Government’s demonetization step?

It is certainly one of the bravest move made by the Government in Indian history, but was poorly executed.

Demonetization was executed to cut out the flow of black money and diminish the funding of different terrorist groups in India. But, it failed. RBI says 99% of the demonetized money was exchanged or returned. Meaning, black money holders effectively converted their illegal money into white.

Also, India’s economy was badly affected that year and many even committed suicide due to cash crunch.

 5. What is your view on current Triple Talaq ban?

Instant triple talaq is illegitimate and banning it was the best decision made by Supreme Court. Such practice is already banned in Muslim-majority countries, so it was high time India banned it as well.

 6. Your take on Plastic Ban.

India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. Plastic ban can certainly change the polluted condition of our lands and rivers. Careless use of plastics and their disposal has led us to this situation. But, there needs to an optimal and affordable option available widely for carrying goods before banning it.

7. Is Trump’s decision of Travel ban right?

Trump’s decision of total shutdown of Muslims entering the US is very unconstitutional. You cannot discriminate against legal travellers just because they belong to a particular religion.

Final Words:

Apart from these, there might be many questions related to political and social issues of India as well as other countries.

IO is simply checking how aware you are about these issues, what is your opinion on them and whether you have optimistic solutions or not. Just be logical and reasonable in your answers.