Personal Interview is one of the significant parts of the entire SSB procedure. IO (Interviewing Officer) will ask different kinds of questions to check your OLQs and how you react to these questions.

Most of the questions will be based on the information you provide in your PIQ form and Self-description test. Which is why it is very important for every candidate to provide correct and honest answers

Below given are 5 types of questions you will most-likely come across during PI:

1. Introductory Questions

These types of questions are generally asked to make you feel at ease with the IO. These questions can be easily answered by all candidates

Few examples if such questions may be,

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Tell me something about your city/town.
  3. List out 5 things you like the most about your native place.

While answering such questions, do not provide one-line answers but don’t be too descriptive as well. Be precise and informative at the same time.

  • Your answer should cover most important things about your native place or things your place is most popular for.

2. Rapid Fire Questions and Stress Questions

Rapid Fire Questions & Stress Questions are important and play a vital role in deciding your recommendation for SSB.

  • Stress Questions will allow the IO to check the original personality of the candidate, how he/she reacts to them and about his/her temper.

IO checks whether the candidate has optimistic attitude towards hard or stressful situations, keeps his calm and has good-decision making capability or not.

Stress Questions generally comprise of set of questions on the same topic until the candidate has uttered all of his knowledge on the subject.

For example,

What is the difference between drum brake and disc brake? Which one is better? Which type of brake is used in cars? Why? Why do some vehicles use disk brake as well as drum brake? And so on…….

IO will continue to grill you on the subject to check your temper. Candidates need to keep their calm and answer as much as he/she knows. If you don’t know the answer, you can clearly say it to the IO. But avoid faking or lying.

Sometimes, IO might ask you questions related to completely different academic stream as well, just to see your pulse.

Rapid Fire Questions are nearly set of 10 to 15 questions asked all at the same time by IO. He checks how attentively you’ve listened and how truthfully you will answer them.

Rapid Fire Questions can be about your family, friends, educational background, about yourself, hobbies, interests, etc. All of these questions will be asked based on your PIQ form only.

And, all of the answers provided in your PIQ form must match with your answers given during PI.

3. Current Affairs & GK Questions

In this session, IO might ask questions related to national or international issues and ask you to provide a solution. This is to check your knowledge and approach towards life problems.

IO might also ask questions about history, geography and other GK-related subjects. This is to check your Social awareness and Basic Intelligence.

4. Technical Questions

If you are from a technical background or engineering field, IO might ask you some technical/practical questions that we may come across during day-to-day life.

This is to check your practical knowledge about your stream and how you apply it in your daily life.

5. Armed Forces Questions

It is essential for every candidate to have basic knowledge about the branch they want to join. Get to know about history and current news related to that particular Armed Forces branch.

Few Tips:

  • Be optimistic and be yourself. Have confident body language.
  • Speak in relevance to your PIQ form and Self-description test
  • Do not give fake answers
  • Speak with proper tone and gesture