5 Tips to Prepare for the CDS 1 2018 SSB Interview:

Results of CDSE 1, 2018 Exam conducted by UPSC declares that 8261 candidates have cleared the written examination. These candidates will now appear for the SSB interview at the respective SSB centers.

SSB aspirants coming through CDSE entries are expected to be more serious as they are more knowledgeable as compared to direct entries. But, by now, we all know SSB is a test of personality and does not revolve only around knowledge. Clearing SSB interview and getting recommended is certainly not an easy task.

So how do CDS 1 2018 entries can prepare for SSB interview? Let’s have a look.

Start Self-introspection:

Candidates who have cleared the written CDS exam need to start preparing for the interview ASAP. Why? Because you need time to understand yourself thoroughly, detect your strong points and weak points that need improvement.

  • SSB interview is not about mugging up answers and reading all kinds of course materials, but is more about your personality.
  • Self-introspection is the key to clear the interview. For that, you need time and start to prepare early. Only candidate who know himself/herself better can prepare a good SD with honest mention of their qualities.
  • CDS SSB Interview will be much easier if you be honest, know yourself better and avoid faking your personality.

Honing up your social skills:

Many candidates fail in the first screening test itself, mainly PPDT. Two significant reasons to fail in PPDT is to have poor communication skills and deficient writing skills. Every CDSE entry candidate must hone up their writing skills during preparation period. How?

  • Firstly, improve your command over English language and learn proper grammar.
  • Secondly, practice writing short passages and check out sample images of PPDT and TAT. This way, you will learn to be creative and think out of the box whilst writing stories.
  • Practice is the only key to sharpen your writing skills.
  • If you read newspapers and magazines, you will find plenty of ideas on how to frame your TAT stories.
  • Now coming to communication skills, to gain confidence to speak in public, you need to be disciplined and confident. You need to present your views in a clear manner, but also listen to other candidates with utmost discipline as well.
  • To improve your confidence level, conduct GDs with your friends and learn how to work and behave in a team.
  • Apart from this, you also need to practice filling up your PIQ form.

Sense of Fitness:

Physical fitness of a candidate is equally important for SSB interview. If you are already fit, try to go for running on daily basis, just to keep yourself flexible, motivated and well-organized.

Academic Knowledge:

  • CDSE candidates are considered to have more knowledge as compared to direct entries.
  • Which is why you need to make sure you revise your academic course and have clear idea of your basics. It will help you a great deal in PI (Personal Interview).

Take coaching if you have to:

If you need guidance, don’t join those ‘popular’ coaching classes that only run to bag money. Try to find a coaching class that has few students but is determined to help students clear their SSB interview.

  • If not, you can find loads of good material (videos, articles, books, etc.) online for SSB preparation, free of cost. There are many insightful videos on YouTube uploaded by ex-assessors of SSB as well.
  • Don’t mug up the answers provided by recommended SSB candidates. Remember, those candidates got recommended because of their personality traits. You might have a completely different personality. So, just ponder upon how they faced the interview, their performance and what their experience was, but don’t try to duplicate their answers or ways. Be unique and display your own personality.