The Services Selection Board Interview or the SSB Interview gives a lot of importance to an interview before selecting someone for a position. It is really important for someone to make a good first impression in order to be considered for a position. There are some tricks to hide your drawbacks if there are any. The IO officer notices some points which he wants in a candidate apart from just the knowledge and educational degrees.

Here are some of the TIPS that a candidate should remember to have a GOOD IMPRESSION on the Interviewing officer

Point Number 3 and 4 A Must Read to Create a Killer Impression in the SSB Interview 

  1. Entry: Entry into the interviewing room might not seem to be a very important thing but it is something that the IO notices first. A humble and gentle entry shows your kindness and confidence which is really important to make a good first impression. Your personality is judged by your entry. This is the point where you haven’t even spoken a single word but the IO already has an idea about your personality. Sometimes action speaks louder than words so make your entry count.
  2. Eye Contact: Eye contact is another important part of making your impression in an SSB Interview. Eye contact is the best way to show another person that you have confidence in what you’re talking about. You should keep a good eye contact not stare into the IO’s eye with anger. Eye contact also keeps the IO officer interested in talking to you.
  3. A smile is the way to go: Smiling shows how you can handle a situation with calmness. The IO might test you by being strict with you and asking twisted questions but you should not get unbalanced and lose your smile. They want to test if you can be distracted by strict behavior or not. The candidate must also realize the difference between a smile and a laugh. You should smile in between an interview but not laugh as this is a formal interview and you’re talking with an IO officer and not a friend.
  4. Dressing sense: Dressing is really an important part of showing someone your personality and confidence. You’ll be judged by the way you dress and what you choose to wear. Always be a gentleman who dresses accordingly to the situation but also wears something that is comfortable at the same time. If you’re not comfortable then you won’t be able to give your best. Don’t be over stylish either be under fashion. Formals are usually preferred as a good choice for an interview.
  5. Be on point: As SSB Interview is an armed force and the armed forces want to hire someone who is clear and thorough in what he says. His orders should be clearly understood by other people also he should only speak what’s needed. He should be able to convert his thinking into words easily also he shouldn’t give unnecessary information and create confusion. Answer the question up to the point and also stay humble while answering

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