NDA candidates need to understand that they are not competing with fellow candidates. So, always try to make friends in your group for better cooperation and understanding during this 5-day long SSB procedure.

Next, you need to start preparing for the SSB interview ASAP (even before you know the result of a written exam) to hone up your OLQs. Earlier you start, the better.

Below given are some amazing tips that will help you prepare for the upcoming NDA SSB Interview.

  1. Have detailed knowledge

The First step would be to know everything about defence sector and field you will be applying for. Have insight about everything that is related to the service.

Also get to know everything about the 5-day SSB procedure in detail- different stages, tests, marks, difficulty level, time constraints, etc.

  1. Perform Self-introspection

In order to provide proper SD (Self-Description), every candidate needs to know himself/herself better. You’ll be asked about your strengths, weaknesses and many things related to yourself during PI as well.

Perform self-analysis and know everything about your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, interests, hobbies, friends, family, academics, education, dreams, etc.

Only when you yourself better, you will be able to answer correctly about every situation that has happened in your life.

  1. Preparing for Psychology
  • Practice TAT. Try to write different stories on 1 image, enhance your imagination power and broaden your ideas. Also, make sure to keep track of time whilst doing so.
  • Practice for WAT and do not mug up phrases and idioms. WAT is conducted to test your imagination power, intelligence, logical reasoning and personality. Most of the words shown in WAT are negative to check how you react to them. Practice and try to convert negative words into something optimistic or provide facts. For example, if you are given the word Anger, you can write “Anger can lead to regretful and poor decisions”.
  • Practice some SRT daily and provide realistic and practical solutions for the situation with good action plan.
  1. Preparing for GTOs:

You cannot prepare for GTOs merely from books. You need to have good analytical skills, decision-making skills, communications skills and confidence as well.

You also need to have good mental and physical stamina. Run daily for 3-4 km to maintain good physique.

  • To prepare for HGT/PGT/FGT/Command Task, learn about cantilever/fulcrum theories. You can check examples of these tasks online and try to provide a solution virtually by implementing these theories.
  • IO/GOR are not so difficult, you just need to have good physical stamina and be a pro in high jump/long jump/running/rope climbing.
  • For GD/Lecturette, read the newspaper daily and stay updated with current affairs, both national and international. That’s because, if you have no knowledge on the given topic, you won’t be able to speak, even if your communication skills are good. Read blogs about political/current burning affairs, read magazines, watch debates, watch news channels, etc. to have general awareness.

Practice speaking on different Lecturette topics daily for 3-4 minutes. Conduct GDs with your friends to gain confidence.

  1. Preparing for Personal Interview:

PI can be tricky, but just be yourself and display honesty in all your answers. Give importance to your dressing, physical gestures, sitting posture and eye contact.

Fill up PIQ form with complete honesty and intelligence to avoid getting roasted during an interview.

IO will assess your confidence, general knowledge, academic knowledge, memory, honesty, the power of expression, knowledge about self/hometown/ state/family/friends.

Don’t brag or lie about ANYTHING!