In an SSB interview, you might be asked a Rhetorical question like, “What do you think are the changes that Indian Army needs” or “What do you think are the things that restrict the Army’s Development?” or “What are your opinions on the Indian Army?”

These questions do not have any fixed answer to them and the answer will vary from person to person. It depends on what you think. The problem with candidates is whenever they hear questions like this they would criticize the army instead of giving general suggestions. This is a must avoid. It’s wrong to criticize an organization in front of the interviewer who himself is a part of that organization also you’re applying for a job in the same. Instead, to answer their question you must suggest improvements taking into account the information that is publically available.

Here are 5 Changes that can bring the Best out of the Indian Army:

  1. Modernization:

Modernization plays a major part in the improvement of an organization. The army is still using many critical pieces of equipment which haven’t been changed for a long time. The army communication systems, Radio and radars systems, even the weapons need upgradation. It is high time for the army to make use of modern technology to its fullest and focus on modernization.

  1. Experienced Defence Minister:

Usually, the defense minister that is appointed has nothing to do with the army and have no army experience which means they have no idea of the functioning of the army. We need someone more experienced in the army as a defense minister as he would be able to know the exact needs of the army and act accordingly.

  1. Special Forces Command:

There should be a Special Forces command in the army under which all the Special Forces like PARA, Garuds, NSG, and Marcos would work. They should have the prime minister as their sole reporting authority which will enable them to carry out any operations swiftly and accurately. This can help us avoid incidents like the 26/11 terrorist attacks.

  1. Efficient National Cadet Corps:

The efficiency of the NCC must be improved. NCC is one of the biggest uniformed organizations in the world. In order to run it smoothly, the retired army officers should be given a position in the regulating body of the NCC. This way there would be enough experience to make the NCC as efficient as possible.

  1. Redefining the role of defence secretary:

Currently, the army works under the commands of the defence secretary. It is very disheartening to see as even the most experienced arm personals have to take commands from a common person who might not have any army experience. The role of the defence secretary must be redefined from a commanding position to a supporting position wherein the main power of decision making should be with the heads of the army. The defence secretary is one of the major reason in slowing done of the working ability of the army.

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