Increasing risk of crimes against women has obliged us to provide some useful tips for women traveling alone for SSB interview. If you are a female SSB aspirant, you sure need to protect yourself and must have that courage to do long travels alone without fear.

Here are 32 extremely insightful safety tips you need to implement:

1. Know where you are heading to: It is always recommended to have a basic idea of your destination, common routes and how to reach there.

2. Don’t carry your valuables: Avoid taking expensive gadgets like laptops, tablets, cameras or any such gadgets during travels to avoid theft.

3. Pack only what you need and is necessary, leave the rest. Your luggage should be lightweight and easy to carry.

4. Don’t get comfortable with people: When you are traveling alone, don’t trust people too easily and be very friendly with them. Smart thieves are actually on the lookout to befriend solo travelers.

5. If you are heading to the washroom while on the train, don’t let someone else guard your bag for you. Take it with you.

6. Prepare for the worst: If your wallet gets robbed, make sure you still have cash kept in secret pockets of your luggage as a backup.

7. Make sure to carry first aid kit or basic medicines with you. Just in case if you catch a cold or have a slight fever, take pills ASAP!

8. Keep a soft copy of important documents and ID proof in a pen drive or Google Drive.

9. Before you leave your house, hand your itinerary (travel schedule) to your family/friends.

10. Keep contact with your family or a friend. Tell them about your whereabouts via texts or phone calls.

11. Trust your guts. If some situation or any individual does not feel right to you, trust your instincts and take action.

12. Don’t show off your valuables: You don’t need to put on expensive gold jewelry like rings, earrings, neck chain, etc. during travels. Stay low-key.

13. Dress conservatively and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble.

14. Women are always protective of other women. So, if you want help, make sure you reach out to a decent trustworthy women.

15. Make sure you have important phone numbers written down somewhere. If you have not memorized these numbers and your phone gets off or stolen, you can still reach out to people.

16. Carry a power bank and an external phone charger, just in case.

17. Don’t give out impression like you are traveling alone.

18. Carry a safety gear like pepper spray, mosquito spray or a small knife with you.

19. If you want, you can even carry a sound-emitting device like a loud alarm or a whistle for emergencies.

20. Don’t listen to loud music and be completely oblivious to your environment. Be alert.

21. While traveling on the train, sit where there are people, especially women around.

22. Avoid traveling at night.

23. If someone offers you food or drink, don’t accept it. Learn to say NO, even if it is from a woman.

24. Carry your own food and water.

25. If someone is offering you to help with your luggage for no apparent reason, don’t let them touch your bag.

26. Learn some basic attacking moves to implement during emergency situations.

27. Don’t sleep for long hours during daytime travels. If you are deep asleep, there are chances of you being robbed.

28. Don’t share the details of your journey, destination, your name and other info with strangers.

29. If there are other female SSB aspirants traveling alone, pair up with them (if on the same route)

30. If you reach at night, choose public transport. If you reach during the daytime, you can opt for cabs.

31. Don’t ask roadmen for help. If you just have to ask for directions, go to some reliable place like reputed hotels or shops and ask for help.

32. Don’t stick to your phone while on the go, there are high chances of your phone getting stolen. Tuck it away somewhere.