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Hey Guys

Commander Natarajan here,

What If I told you a 16-17 years old boy who had scored 58% in 12th after scoring 56% in 10th cleared NDA/NA exam then the SSB, not only this, he mastered the subject which he hated, molded his body into a sturdy steel one on which instructors have hammered to make a boy a gentleman, carried a fire in his belly to become something, to do something that would make his parents proud and allow the nation to remember him forever and became the Best-All round Cadet in the Academy, laid his sword, marched to the dais and proudly received the Presidents Gold medal.

I know everybody wants and I believe everybody can.

I’m telling you this with utter confidence because this is nobody’s but my story. And all of this, be it self-satisfaction of serving the country, living a respectful life or making your parents proud,  I achieved because I could  get through the SSB interview.

But the preparation of SSB is not as similar as other exams or interviews.


I will tell you why! Read On……..

With my experience of 25+ years in the Indian Navy, 3 years as a Group Testing Officer at Selection Center in Bhopal, as an assessor and as a trainer preparing thousands of candidates for the SSBin and out of AFPA, I have been able to decipher the disparities in candidates RESPONSES and the reasons why such a large number do not get recommended despite their intrinsic leadership qualities which is shrouded by ignorance and anxiety. I have the unique distinction of having produced more than 700 candidates(July 2021) till date of which 400 where produced just in AFPA in less than two years and this FRATERNITY is growing by the day. I am sure you would also like to be one of these SELECT FEW.  So give wings to your dreams and drastically improve the probability of your dreams becoming a reality.

All it needs is a slight and subtle understanding of the process to overcome this ignorance and emerge a winner.  The entire preparatory process has been evolved after analyzing the flaws and drawbacks of a large number of candidates.  Number of students who came to this program after failing for six or seven times have succeeded in the very next attempt consequent to mentoring through my coaching program.

The one secret which nobody will tell you in the market is that you don’t have to be cleared by all three techniques to be recommended by the SSB even if you master two of the three techniques.
You will not only be recommended you will also be well within the merit and as such 90 percent of the recommended candidates are only cleared by two techniques.

Based on my experience of several years now I can tell you that interview and psychology are the two techniques which one can master sitting at home provided he gets the right mentoring and my coaching program is extremely potent in understanding these two techniques

To make this coaching program I have also utilized my learning experience of 3 years as GTO and over 8 years of training aspirants post retirement and my education in Doctorate in Psychology to bring candidates closer to the uniform which they truly deserve.

I have designed a set of 20 game changing prerecorded sessions and these sessions are not simple one way lectures but demonstrate every test through a group of students who performed live as in the SSB which makes this program far more impactful which comprehensively covers the entire SSB process from start to finish and has detailed explanations for each and every facet of the process in the most simplistic language and will give the candidates a crystal clear understanding and empower him/her with the tools to SUCCEED!!! The best part of this package is the accessibility and availability for repeated viewing at all times ensuring better comprehension and value addition.


In my coaching program, I go into explicit detail about the officer-like qualities that are sought after in each test, and how to make these qualities within you stand out to assessors. Each facet of your personality, intellect, and physical prowess is tested and measured during this entire SSB interview process, and I point out each one specifically for you, helping to form you into the ideal candidate the SSB is desperately looking for!

A perfect choice for you!

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Though it may seem obvious once-stated, it is most-certainly also worth pointing out: when studying in an actual lecture hall, attending instructions in a coaching academy, or seeking a tutor, there is no second chance to have something repeated back to you exactly. Because of this, by utilizing tutors, seminars, classes, or other forms of private study, you run the risk of not being having something explained or repeated to you again in that moment. This, of course, means that the opportunity to hear a point perfectly again is lost to you forever. And, given how difficult cracking the SSB interview is, can you really afford to take that gamble on any piece of information, however small?

This is why my coaching program is yet-another perfect choice for you, as similar as to come here in AFPA and take physical training, as you can pause and rewind to hear exactly what you needed to again.

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Exploring the Ins and Outs of my coaching program

Video 1

Delve deeper into the SSB and learn why candidates consider it harder to clear, and master the three things that you must keep in mind while preparing for SSB.

Video 2

Did you know? There are 15 officer-like qualities that SSB interview assesses the candidates on, and this video uncovers the curtains and showcases the qualities that will boost your chances dramatically.

Video 3

Get a detailed description of the five-day test procedure at the SSB centre. Right from picture perception, psychological test, group test activities and more, nothing will be left in the dark.

Video 4

Delve deeper into the SSB and learn why candidates consider it harder to clear, and master the three things that you must keep in mind while preparing for SSB.

Video 5

This is all about taking your preparation to a next degree. You will be prepared for pilot aptitude battery test to judge your natural aptitude, and no institute can train you for this!

Video 6

Learn how to clear the picture perception and discussion test with flying colors. Tap into your extreme level of imagination and create a story that ignites the spark of success.

Video 7

Master the art of Thematic Apperception Test and prepare a story involving 12 images without a hassle. You will learn three powerful elements that you can infuse into your story and get exceptional results.

Video 8

Power kick the Word Association Test by learning the tips that you can follow and prepare sentences that are reasonable, effective and powerful.

Video 9

Act, react and engage! Learn how to clear the Situation Reaction Test easily by getting access to the tips and suggestions that make the whole process a lot easier for you.

Video 10

Discover the art of writing 5 paragraphs in your Self-description test and create a great impression.

Video 11

Raise the bar of your group discussion test by learning how to speak confidently and showcasing your knowledge, adaptability and interaction with others.

Video 12

Dig deeper into the 5 stage exercise where you will learn how to present yourself in the best way possible. This video highlights amazing tips and tricks that will unleash your hidden qualities

Video 13

Learn a specific path that you need to follow with your group and nail the Progressive Group task. Discover powerful ways and tactics to use the helping materials and clear all the obstacles.

Video 14

Discover a unique and effective way to crossing 6 obstacles with the whole group. Introduce yourself with the rules and learn groundbreaking ways to clearing the race

Video 15

Explore the purpose of half group task and final group task, and know how to turn all your hidden talent into great achievements.

Video 16

No more shaking hands when delivering your lecture in front of everyone. This video will show you how you can prepare yourself and give a three-minute speech that will leave a long-lasting impression.

Video 17

Clear the individual obstacles flawlessly. You will learn the rules, the obstacles to overcome, and wonderful tips that you can follow.

Video 18

Now is the time to harness your true potential and clear the command task. The video covers everything you need to know to make a smart and informed decision.

Video 19

Finally, the most important phase: Interview. Learn how to answer each question perfectly. The video covers one-of-a-kind tips that will help you shine and present yourself in the best way possible.

Video 20

Board conference nitty-gritty! This is where the final decision takes place.

What More?

All this comes at a price that is minuscule as compared to physical coaching in the academies and you can continue to learn at your own pace and your convenience and have the luxury of going over the content as many times as you want.

And let me share that out of the 700 success stories that I have produced over 350 came from this coaching program.

As I said already, it seems rather obvious once stated, but since no detail is too small for SSB interviews, it is a terrible idea to have this ability lost to you forever, no matter how unlikely you think you are to forget. I leave no detail uncovered; making this the most clear and comprehensive guide you can find anywhere.

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Don’t Miss Out!

If you are worried about making it through the SSB interview, or do not know what to expect going into the exams and interview, but you know that this is the path you are very-well destined for, then you need every tool at your disposal to help get you there, and we think that my coaching program are the best tools you ever could possibly have to achieve your dreams.


This programme gives you the complete guide on the conduct of the five day SSB. Preparing various aspects will depend on individual proficiency and assimilation levels. An initial intense preparation of two months (minimum) with continuous follow-up and update should see you through.

There is no limit on the number of times you can view it till the expiry as long as you are playing it on the same device that you configured.

The peer interaction and peer learning besides the experience of a seasoned faculty is best acquired from Armed Forces Preparatory Academy. However, that is purely an individual choice and depends on your assimilation and confidence.

Dr. (Commander) Natarajan has painstakingly compiled the entire programme from his personal experience as a Group Testing Officer(GTO) and his doctorate in psychology. Some of the insights are invaluable and not available anywhere else.

The program is valid for one year from the date of activation. Reactivation is not possible. The product has to be repurchased.

The activation keys will be forwarded through e-mail on purchase of the program.

The key will be sent by email and you will receive it within 4 hours once you send the Copyright Infringement form and the payment bill via email.

The key will be functional only on one device.




Download the software in a device (configured as per given specifications). Enter the product key when asked during the activation process. The Video Course will be activated. In Case of any problem please contact AFPA Tech Support at

Operating System Requirement – Above Windows 7

RAM – Minimum 2GB

Graphic Memory – Minimum 2GB

Minimum 10GB storage free on system.

Note – The Video Course is compatible only with Windows Application Software.

As soon as you register, the product will be dispatched with the courier service within 24 hours tentatively.
You will be provided the tracking details for your package.
The estimated time for delivery of the product is 7 to 10 days (tentative).

Refund policy

We want to guarantee you take advantage of this program today, and not feel any kind of buyer’s remorse tomorrow.

So we’re giving you our 100% 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee if you take action today. And that means that if for any reason at all you’re not completely satisfied, all you have to do is call or send us an email and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked!

It’s that simple. You can request for a full refund at any time if you feel that this program is not right for you for whatever reason. Yes! That’s how much confidence we have in this program. NOW…Obviously, we can’t do this for EVERYBODY, otherwise we risk overwhelming ourselves. So we’re doing what any sane person would do in this situation and are only accepting the first 99 candidates to sign up.

And please be aware that over 10,000 aspirants like yourself are currently reading this with you, so any delay on your part might get you locked out once we reach full capacity. So, again, if you’re ready to accept qualified advice, strategies, and counsel to give you the unshakable confidence you NEED to do well in your SSB Interview, then click on the Buy Now button below now and reserve your spot today.