Being an Officer in Armed forces of India requires you to have specific 15 officer like qualities and traits. GTO, Psychologist and IO are all trying to find these qualities in you through your activities and body language in the span of 5 days of SSB interview.

These qualities are not only examined for SSB interview but also must-haves in an Armed forces Officer to lead his/her team successfully. All of these qualities might not be present in one individual, someone excels in one quality while other is best in some other quality.


Whoever possesses a maximum of these qualities and traits have higher chances to get selected:


  • Reasoning ability:


Everything in life has to have logical significance and valid reasoning. This quality is generally checked by IO during Personal Interview and questions are asked based on your PIQ form. Therefore, while filling up this form, one needs to be very careful and only write logical answers.


  • Effective intelligence:


This is the quality of an individual to tackle critical problems during critical situations. Candidates must be able to use their practical intelligence so as to solve real-life problems they might face during life situations.


  • Power of expression:


Your knowledge and intelligence is of no use if you fail to express it effectively in front of people. Candidates must be able to put across their opinions and views during several tests with much clarity and ease.


  • Organising quality:


This is a trait that makes you utilize scarce resources smartly and systematically. During bad situations in life, you must be able to handle every crisis efficiently and manageably.


  • Social abilities:


It is the quality of a person that determines how socially adaptable they are with other people. Moreover, it is a quotient of how skilfully you manage your feelings towards them.


  • Sense of responsibility


Performing every assigned task with extreme sincerity and determination is what defines your sense of responsibility. Whether you follow the rules and regulations strictly or not also tells a lot about your attitude towards the job.


  • Initiating abilities:


This is the quality of an individual to initiate and take decisions for every situation that comes their way. One needs to volunteer and take initiative actions to prove their interest in tasks. Generally, this quality is analysed during Group Discussions.


  • Cooperative nature:


If you participate in group tasks with utmost harmony, then you are said to have cooperative capabilities. To develop this quality, one needs to be kind, helpful, friendly and have team spirit.


  • Self-confidence:


If you keep doubting yourself, you are not really capable of handling stressful and unfamiliar situations in life. Self-confidence is the basic foundation of your faith in yourself. This quality is displayed when one has a strong body language, clear voice, and confident expressions.


  • Decision-making capability:


Candidates must be able to take practical decisions that are accurate and quick. A confused officer is certainly not desirable to lead the team.


  • Power of influence:


Your ability to influence a group or convince the interviewer showcases your influencing abilities.


  • Courage:


Needless to say, an officer’s worth is expressed by their courage! Your willingness towards taking risk shows your determination towards objectives in life.


  • Stamina:


Candidates need to have ample amount of stamina to endure continuous mental and physical stress.


  • Liveliness:


If you are not really cheerful, active and enthusiastic in everything you do in life, you are not lively! Keeping a smiling face, displaying high energy levels and not complaining/nagging are all features of liveliness.


  • Determination:

If you put efforts towards something in life, despite all the failures and obstacles, you know you are really determined towards your goal. Every candidate needs to have extreme determination towards their aim in life. This is the main quality checked during SSB interview.

So, follow these 15 officer like qualities in order to clear the ssb interview!