10 Amazing Less Known Facts On Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the entertainment centre of India with all the famous actors residing in Mumbai. It is also the economic and trading hub of India. The state of India is situated in its western part with breath-taking immaculate beaches and restful remains of caves and forts. Here are the ten unique, less known facts about Maharashtra.

  1. Lonar Crater Lake-bowl of biodiversity

It is a National Geo-heritage Monument located at Lonar in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. Lonar Crater Lake is a saline lake formed by the collision of an asteroid with the earth around the Pleistocene. It is one of the hyper-velocity craters in basaltic rock. There are three more of these types of lakes, but they are outside India. The lake has a diameter of around 1.2 Kilometers and a depth of 137 meters measured from the crater rim. The lake is unique because its ecology is not similar to the surrounding landscape.

  1. Sula Wines- Nashik

Nashik is in India’s Nepa Valley and has a beautiful vineyard called Sula’s estate vineyards. The vineyard is the one and the only vineyard of India with a guided tasting tour.  It is a perfect weekend trip to the delicious vine tasting, and other Sula charms like Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Riesling. The other products of the Sula vineyards are grape seed oil and grape brandy.

  1. Kaas plateau

The plateau has been part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site since 2012. The table is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Satara. Satara is in the Sahyadri Subcluster of Western Ghat. It has become a famous tourist spot after its inclusion in the UNESCO list. The perfect time to enjoy the plateau is after monsoon when it is covered with beautiful and colorful flowers. A walk in the valley provides peace of mind and fills the heart with its refreshing fragrance.

  1. Rural Maharashtra

Being an agricultural state, Maharashtra has a prosperous rural life. People here are involved in farming and work related to it. The concept of Unity in Diversity is visible in the rural part of Maharashtra, where multicultural people are living and earning together. The state of Maharashtra is rich in cotton production. It also produces sugarcane, onion, grapes, pulses, soyabean, tomato, and spices. People can visit rural parts to get some peace of mind and rest from the busy city life.

  1. Food

The food of Maharashtra is a product of people from different states. The food is rich in culture and its taste. With Gujarat in its neighborhood, food has taken sweet and sour taste from it. The Zoroastrians have added Persian flavors to it. The Western Ghats contribute authentic spices unique to the state.

Closeness with the southern states of India has added another dimension to the food. The other cultures that can be tasted in the food are central India and Konkan. All these cultures have made the food of Maharashtra exotic and unique.

  1. Doorless houses

The unique characteristics of the houses in Shani Shingnapur is that they have no doors. The Village is part of the Nevasa taluka which comes under the Ahmednagar district of the state. The town is at a distance of 3 kilometers from the Ahmednagar-Aurangabad road.

The city is also famous for the temple dedicated to Shani-Saturn. An exciting belief prevails in the Village. People believe that if somebody steals anything from someone’s house, then his eyesight will be taken away by God Shani.

  1. Dharavi Mumbai

Though Mumbai is one of the biggest stock exchange markets of the world, it also houses the most significant slum area of Asia. Dharavi, the slum, is home to around 1.2 million people in an area of 3 square kilometers. Every inch and feet of Dharavi can blow the senses away, and hence people should take a guided tour of the slum. The slum area is an opportunity for social workers to work on issues like vocational training, girl education, and women empowerment.

  1. Friendly Cobras

The Shetpal village of Maharashtra is a place where cobras are welcomed in the houses like members of the family. The snakes of the Village have no limitations of movement; they move freely without harming any member of the Village.

A corner of the house is kept aside for the poisonous cobras to come, rest and cool off. Interestingly there is no accident or death due to the cobra bite in the Village so far.

  1. Monsoon

From June to August, the western part of Maharashtra becomes so beautiful that it can give competition to the Himalayas. For monsoon lovers, the state is like heaven on earth. There are so many places to visit to enjoy the natural beauty. Some of the sites are Panchgani, Chikaldhara, Amboli, and Lonawala.

People can enjoy the forts and deep forest with numerous waterfalls. Adventurous people can enjoy the state by trekking in Matheran, Kalsubai, Rajmachi, and adore the scenic vistas.

  1. Road networks and Railway station

The state of Maharashtra has the largest road network in India with a total road length of over 2, 67,500 kilometers. The government has the largest share of State highways of India; it has around 23 percent of India’s state highways.

State highways are road networks maintained by the State government. These networks connect important cities with towns, districts, and streets of other states. The Railways station of Navapur is located such that it falls in two forms. Half of it is in Gujarat, and the other half is in Maharashtra.

Though the list will go on and on, these were the most amazing facts about Maharashtra. In the time of increase in stealing around India, none can imagine a village of doorless houses. It is a contrast to see people having cobras as their co-resident when they know about the intensity of the danger.