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The scenic beauty and cultural richness are what defines Mizoram the best. It is the land of hills and valleys inhabited by multiple age-old tribal groups with different cultural significance and influences, thereby making Mizoram a diverse state of India. It is the perfect place to travel if you are fond of hills and are also keen on knowing the historical aspects of places. Being culturally enriched and with innumerable places to explore, Mizoram quenches your thirst for travelling. Nature is at her best here, you can spot miles and miles of greenery, hilly areas, and beautiful valleys crisscrossed by rivers.

The north-east states of India are the most beautiful places to travel for people who are keen on adventures and Mizoram is no exception. Here are some lesser-known facts about Mizoram and its people.

1. Mizoram became a part of India only 33 years ago.

Mizoram was initially a part of Assam and was not a single state of India. Before 1987 Mizoram was considered a union territory. On 20th February 1987 Mizoram became the 23rd state of India on making of the Fifty-third Amendment of the Indian Constitution 1986. 

It is India’s southernmost landlocked state and now shares its borders with the seven sister states of India. Mizoram, even after becoming a secluded state of India, held their cultural significance quite strong. It is inhabited by the Mizos and hence the name Mizoram. Other than that many other tribes are inhabiting as well.


2. Tourists travelling to Mizoram will need an inner line permit.

For travelling to Mizoram, you need to take the extra step of getting an Inner line permit without it no visitors are allowed to step inside the state. This special requirement is needed to stop the entry of undesirable visitors who can cause harm to the people and surroundings of Mizoram.

The rules of getting the Inner line permit are different for domestic and international tourists. Domestic tourists can get it from the Lengpui airport or issue it from the Liaison Officer, the government of Mizoram from Kolkata, Silchar, Guwahati, Shillong, and New Delhi. 


3. Mizoram is the ideal destination for bird watchers and wildlife photographers.

Mizoram is enriched with flora and fauna. The wildlife existing in the state will never fail to amaze wildlife photographers. It is also the ideal destination for bird watchers. One can find Mrs. Hume’s pheasant there. This is a rare bird and one will be considered quite lucky if they get a sight of it. It is named after the wife of British naturalist Allan Octavian Hume and is considered the state bird of Mizoram as well as Manipur.

You can also find exotic animals like wild water buffaloes, Sumatran rhinos, and a lot more.

3. The maximum part of Mizoram is covered by forest.

Among all the states of India, Mizoram has the highest amount of space covered by forests. Around 90.68% of the area of the state is covered only by forests. Mizoram is the third highest forest cover in India with 1594000 hectares. A huge variety of vegetation is found on the land of Mizoram; bamboo is the staple of the land.


4. Mizoram is the second most literate state in India.

Mizoram’s literacy rate was recorded as 92% in the 2011 census, which is a lot more than the literacy rate of India (74%). Education is very much emphasized by the population of Mizoram. Even though 60% of the population is dependent on farming, they do not compromise with the educational aspect of their people, unlike other states of India.


5. The Tropic of Cancer passes through Mizoram.

 There is an interesting fact about Mizoram that the Tropic of Cancer passes through Aizwal, which makes it quite geographically significant as well.

7. A total of 21 peaks will be found in Mizoram.

If you are fond of hills, then Mizoram can never fail to satisfy you. A total of 21 peaks of different ranges crisscross the land of Mizoram. One of the famous ranges is the Blue Mountain or Phwangpui Tland. The Blue Mountain is now a protected area under Phawngpui National Park.


8. Mizoram is the land of amazing cultural festivals.

The cultural festivals of Mizoram are surrounding farming and cultivation. The three most important festivals are Mim Kut, Pawl Kut, and Chapchar Kut. Tourists can travel during the times when these festivals are celebrated to get a better idea about the culture of Mizoram.


9. Weaving works of Mizoram are an amazing aspect of the state.

The textile industry and the unique weaving work of Mizoram is one of the unique aspects of Mizoram. It is an amazing thing to bring back from Mizoram as a souvenir. The weaving skills and the designs made of the shawls and local outfits are vibrant and intricate, and a huge variety is seen in the needlework and designing as well.


10. The caves of Mizoram are of immense historical significance.

There are innumerable caves found in Mizoram like the Milu Puk also called the cave of skulls because a huge heap of human skeletons was found when the cave was discovered. These caves are manifested with interesting stories and are beautiful creations of nature.