When candidates start their SSB preparation, the very first thing they wonder about is “Do you have OLQs in you?” Why SSB gives such an importance to OLQs? Is it necessary to learn all the OLQs? What is SSB really looking-for in you? Answers to all of these questions are given below:

Why is it important for every candidates to learn about OLQs?

As we all know, SSB is a test of your personality more than your knowledge. If you don’t know what qualities are SSB assessors looking for, how are you going to prepare yourself for the interview?

Below I will explain how different OLQs are tested within candidates during different stages of SSB interview:

1. Cognitive Abilities:

  • Reasoning Ability: All that you see around you has to have some logical importance and valid reasoning. Your reasoning abilities will be generally checked during Personal Interview where questions will be asked based on your PIQ form. Which is why  you need to be very logical whilst filling up PIQ form.
  • Effective Intelligence: Effective Intelligence can be defined as an ability of a person to handle critical problems that arise during critical situations in life. This quality is generally checked during WAT, TAT, PP, SRT, etc. You need to use practical intelligence, quickly react to the situation (images, words) and derive a logical solution in these tests.
  • Decision-making capability: Candidates must be able to take quick and accurate decisions. Confusion and hesitation is certainly not expected from an Officer. Again, this quality is determined in GTO tasks and even PI where you might be given a situation and asked to give a solution.
  • Power of Expression: Your intelligence is of no use if you can’t express it clearly in front of people. Power of expression is assessed during Group discussions, Personal Interview, GTOs, Lecturette, etc.
  • Organizing Ability: This is a trait where you make use of resources smartly and methodically. Your organizing ability is checked during PPDT, TAT, WAT and other psychological tests where you need to complete the tasks within given time period smartly and systematically.

2. Social Adjustment (Emotional Quotient):

  • Cooperative nature: A candidate with cooperative nature is the one who listens to others during group discussions and group tasks. You need to be attentive, helpful, kind, friendly and have good team spirit to be cooperative towards others.
  • Sense of responsibility: If you perform every appointed task with utmost sincerity and dedication (by abiding to all rules and regulations), then that determines your sense of responsibility. It is checked during all Stages of SSB interview.
  • Social Adaptability: Whether you are socially adaptable with people or not and how you handle your feelings towards them, tells a lot about your social adaptability. This is displayed in your attitude and behaviour during group tasks.

3. Leadership Qualities:

  • Initiative: Assessors check whether you are able to initiate and express your views during Group Discussions or group tasks or not. This shows your interest in that task.
  • Self-confidence: Again, examiners will be checking whether you are confident about yourself or doubt your own potential. This is assessed especially in Personal Interview, GDs and Lecturette. A self-confident person has clear voice, confident expressions and resolute body language.
  • Power to influence: You need to be expressive and confident enough to convince your group during GDs or your IO during Personal Interview.
  • Liveliness: If you are inactive, boring, uninterested and drowsy during different stages of SSB interview, you won’t clear it. Display good energy levels, especially during PI.

4. Progressive Abilities:

  • Courage: If you are ready to take risks in life, it shows your determination towards your aim in life. Your courage is generally portrayed during GDs, Individual Obstacle, even in PI.
  • Stamina: Needless to say, every candidate needs to have good stamina to withstand continuous mental and physical stress that he/she goes through during SSB tests.
  • Determination: Determination is the main quality checked in SSB interview. If you don’t really display determination towards your aim in life, how do you expect to get recommended?
  • Now that you’ve learned all these 15 OLQs, know that different qualities will be tested during different stages of SSB interview viz. Screening, Psychological tasks, GTOs and PI. So, learn about all OLQs and try to adapt them in your life.